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  1. Day 10: Okay so I slakced off terribly with updating you guys. I've been busy with a lot of things and didnt update my log. My lips are super super super super super dry. I put blistex on about 30-40 times a day and they are still crazy dry. As for my acne.. It's getting dramatically better by the day. I got one giant zit on my neck, that appeared yesterday.. today it died down A LOT and my face.. is getting so so clear. Is it possible that I don't get the initial break out, and that accutan
  2. Day 4: Okay.. I'm STARTING to notice a little bit of dryness in my lips.. but nothing worth even starting to put my blistex on yet.. I got a question for you guys though! Your accutane pills, do they look empty? Taking mine today I squeezed it accidentally and it squeezed pretty easily.. so I held it up to a light and it honestly looks empty! I'm tempted to crack one open to see if theres anything in it! lol -Derek
  3. Day 3: I forgot to note, I'm on 40mg a day. Just took my pill a short bit ago. Nothing exciting at all! The swelling is almost down enough to take some pictures for you guys. I'm super super busy though with my business so I can't write much. I just wanted to get my post in for the day. Talk soon.
  4. Day 2: So I don't know if its normal or not (since it's my first time on accutane) but my doctor also prescribed me for Clindamycin Phosphate 2 times a day. I put it on earlier today and it seemed like it went on really nicely and it didn't effect me too much. I'm just about to put my second one on for the night. As for the accutane.. nothing special yet.. Here's the deal on the pictures.. I was totally going to come home and put some pictures up right after baseball practice today.. but at p
  5. Day 1: Yay... Got my prescription filled and I took my pill around 5ish PM. Nothing exciting today. I didn't think anything would happen, or that I would get any side effects yet. I bought tons of lip medex blistex and artificial tears to prepare for the dryness that is coming soon. Quick question - should I drink tons of fluid to try and combat the dryness? Or just stay like normal and live through the dryness. This is short one because nothing exciting happened. I will have to think of so
  6. Okay, got my blood work done today! My derm wants me to start tommorow so I will be stopping in tomorrow to give them my forms and make sure my blood work went okay, which I'm sure it did. So instead of my day one blog, I will give you the stuff I left out in my first post.. Me: 20/Male - I had acne for about 4-5 years. It got extremely bad 2 years ago, and I've tried nearly everything, and now Accutane! (goodbye acne). I'll post some pictures up tomorrow after I get my prescription. Hopefu
  7. What's up everyone! I have been trying tons of OTC drugs to fight the acne, and to be honest it's looking better then ever. (I think this is more luck then anything else) Anywho I scheduled an apt. with the best derm in our area and today (one month later after setting the apt.) I finally got to see him. He walked in pretty cheerful, telling me he was so excited to see me and he was totally going to help. Of course he walks in with two beautiful girls to assist him in looking at my face and ex
  8. This is starting to get frustrating.. I've yet to have any question answered on this forum.. I know for sure one of these answers can be given easily since so many of you use "Ib".... Starting to get frustrating? Do some research and lose the attitude. That's part of the frustration.. and I figured someone like you would make a reply like this. The first thing I do is research, the last thing I do is ask questions. I'm an Internet Marketing Specialist, so naturally the first thing I do is s
  9. Thanks m00sie, I will go do some research on doxycycline.. From my experience though every anti-biotic just dried me out even more. But I will be happy to look it up. That was my only guess that IB = initial breakout, but the way it was being used.. made no sense in that way.. =O Anyways thanks for both answers. -Derek
  10. This is starting to get frustrating.. I've yet to have any question answered on this forum.. I know for sure one of these answers can be given easily since so many of you use "Ib"....
  11. Hey There.. I had two questions regarding Accutane.. First off, what is IB? I see everyone talking about this in other posts.. and I haven't been able to define it. Also.. I think the cause of my acne is from having super dry facial skin (Just rinsing it in the shower, and coming out and pat-drying it, makes my skin crack) Applying anything like BP, or anytype of soap or anything like that makes my skin terribly dry. I've been applying Ahava Lotion to my face after getting out of the shower,
  12. What do you guys recommend for exfoliating facial skin.. I have really dry skin so I'm going to try something new to just use a moisturizer and then an exfoliator.. any recommendations?
  13. I'm trying to figure out how I should attack my acne. I really think that the dryness could be "a" cause of acne. I think I originally got acne around the age of 15-16 from my "nerd" stages where I would spend all my time on computers.. I would shower about once a week.. (sometimes longer).. and I had a terrible diet.. Fast food ATLEAST once a day, if not more. (Luckily I didn't gain weight from this or I would be a mess). Anyways I shower regularly.. I'm trying to eat better.. and take subst
  14. Hey Buddy, I survived it, but I still think I have emotional scars from it. One thing I want to mention is something that is really helping me with the emotional and mental side of all of this. It's a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It's a great book about self-improvement and self-image to lead to a better life. I think it will help anyone dealing with these issues, or ANYTHING in their life.
  15. Hey, I bought the products today.. I have semi-moderate acne.. but it's been clearing up recently. I will try your method to see how it works. It's worth a try I guess! I will also try to make the chat.. but I will also be watching my Cleveland Indians play, so I don't know how active I will be. -Derek