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  1. Hi, The initial breakout can last about 3-4 but some people get lucky and start getting clear much sooner than that. Just stick with it, the results are sooo worth it. !
  2. Personally I don't get why people are attacking Skye with 'It's not all about you' comments. Skye's acne is her personal problem, not anyone else's, so when it comes to HER acne, yes, it is 'all about her'. The only person who knows exactly how she feels is Skye. People who have never suffered with acne just don't understand even if they don't mean to hurt you with their comments. When I'm feeling confident, I'm able to give a lot more of my self, so in that sense, trying to fix a problem like
  3. Yes, one of the reason's acne was so emotionally devastating for me is the dramatic way in which people's reactions towards me change when I'm broken out vs clear. I'd love to belive that 'nobody cares about your acne but you' but in my experience it just isn't true. Even if I try to act confident with bad acne, people just have less respect for me. Example: I went to a department store to try to get a refund for a body moisturizer that had broken me out in a rash. Appearance was bad - I had
  4. Not always. My acne virtually dissappeared for several years after I got off Diane/Yamine when I got clear the first time around. My acne only came back cystic and terrible after I started taking Adderall. Before then I seriously thought I'd either grown out of acne or Yamine had cured me. I reckon maybe OTC made my acne worse after I came off it though. ugh.
  5. This is not very well known but accutane actually will effect your hormones...it can lower your androgens, so I'm not sure teen guys should take this stuff. At least wait until you have finished growing.
  6. It's biologically impossible for diane yaz or spiro to make acne worse long term. I think since the IB can be so long and depressing many girls give up before they are getting results. The only suggestion I have left for you is to try Diane - it really does clear most women up - and maybe to keep taking Zovia for a few months to see if you have any luck with that (but I can't see any logical reason why it would work if OTC and Marvelon did not). Diane really did help me a lot, and trust me, I h
  7. It's very true that you need patience with spiro. First 4 months my skin was basically a nightmare. The first couple of months in particular I had the worst cystic acne of my life - I think I had about 12 cysts on my face at one point. I'm now in the sixth month and my skin is starting to look great! The only zits I get now are hardly visible. My main problem is some uneven pigmentation from that dreadful initial breakout.
  8. It sounds as if your allergic to the binders in the accutane pill rather than the isotretinoin itself. I'm wondering if all brands of isotretinoin contain soy or just Accutane? Perhaps the same thing with spiro/Yaz? I can say from personal experience there is a VAST difference between the pills that actually have an antiandrogen and pills that are just low-androgenic when it comes to acne. Low androgenic pills in my experience just don't make acne worse, they don't improve it, unless you get l
  9. Actually it's not estrogen that prevents acne...the main thing that's important is the progesterone componant - you have to use one that is an actual antiandrogen not just one with 'low androgenic activity' Can I ask why you chose zovia? That's really like straight estrogen, so I don't think it would work. It seems like you are just choosing pills at random and crossing your fingers. You sound like a good candidate for accutane. Are you really sure you are allergic to it? How do you know?
  10. I actually read about someone saying exactly the same thing about ortho-tri-cyclen somewhere on acne.org. She'd taken this pill for years, then quit. A few months later she started breaking out even though she'd never had a problem with acne before. Then she started taking Yaz and cleared up nicely. She then thought she'd swap back to good ol' OTC. Everything looked good for a couple of months then she started breaking out horribly. So it seems like OTC can be acne-inducing for some. Personally
  11. Yeah, I don't think now is a good time to come off the pill altogether. So did you try accutane and it didn't work? This is very strange, since although acne is caused by other factors as well as androgens, acne needs a certain level of androgens to appear...according to theory reducing androgens should always improve acne, at least in the long term. What pills were you taking before Desogen? They may have been actually making your acne worse. Some like Alesse can have an androgenic effect. Sea
  12. If you are still hell oily then it isn't working. Dryer skin really should be one of the first things you notice. Try another pill. I think you might be wasting your time with Desogen. Also have you tried AHA's (glycolic, lactic, mandalic, azalic ect)? I'm allergic to Salycilic acid which is in most every OTC acne product, and BP murdered my skin, but I can use AHA's no problem. Yet another suggestion is to have a good read of the Holistic acne board. I didn't have much luck with supplements (
  13. Beginning of the fifth month is when it really started getting a lot better for me, as in, I still have to wear foundation (damn redmarks!), but I don't just want to stay in my house all day! This week though, a couple of old redmarks flared up into zits again grrrr. Not nearly as badly as before though.
  14. And I swear too much fish oil actually slows down skin healing for me...weird. Maybe I was taking too much and got deficient in Omega-6 but I thought that was highly unlikely with the western diet? Especially as I tend to eat a lot of fatty foods. Or maybe I wasn't digesting it properly?
  15. Well I'm female and didn't get results from omega oils. However I had my testosterone levels tested and they were significantly higher than average so it's pretty certain my acne is hormonal. But... I thought hormonal imbalances were CAUSED by deficiencies in EFA in the first place? While I can appreciate the science behind omega 3 oils I found they did absolutely nothing for my skin. I'm using spironolactone at the moment which seems to be working but before this I tried a holistic approach fo