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  1. the exact same thing happened to me... what worked for is that i switched between the two different strengths and slowly started using the stronger strength more and more often... maybe give that a try?
  2. from a long time ago havent switched over yet but still curious. BUMP
  3. i have had a nasty blackhead for ages on my cheek for aaages. finally the gunky stuff is sorta being pushed out of the pore. Now its poking out of my skin. Before, with other blackheads like this, i have gotten tweezers and pulled it out. What should i do to minimize chances of an icepick.
  4. Currently i am using stievamycin (erythromycin as well as tretinon(.025%)). I've been using it for about 9-10 months now and have loads of refills left on my prescription. I have tried to get myself off of it but i just break out like mad. I'm not entirely sure but i think at this point the antibiotic isnt doing much and i also find it pretty harsh on my skin. Would I benefit from switching to something like retin-a and if i were to do so would i experience the initial break out... again.
  5. Ive had a not so bad ice pick stare on my cheek that has really been bothering me, and not i have a fairly decent sized pimped exactly on it. Will this worsen it, or maybe even make it better?
  6. okay i went to another derm and asked about the scarring and she said the same thing... because my scars were created from pustular papular acne that the scarring will fade over time..... is this true...
  7. okay a huge section of the top came off i just put some neosporin on it anyways..... not good probably another scar...its was super soft
  8. okay started of are your regular red inflamed zit then it got a white head... now a few days later the entire thing is white and just GROOSSS looking.... can i pop it .. what would be the best way if so, to avoid scarring...
  9. well he didnt say they would all go away he just said that some of the ones that were created from small sits would go away.... he said that the ones created by cists or anything that was on my face for a long time wouldnt...
  10. no im not talking about discoloration im talking about scars... depressions in my skin.
  11. okay so ya pretty much i have quite a bit of scarring on my face from acne and when i went to my derm and asked him about it he told me not too worry and that most of what i have is very recent and that hes sure that they will fade within 6months-year... is that even possible :S..
  12. okay i have been on minocyline and clindoxyl gel for about 9weeks, and newly started using stievemycin gel about 4 weeks ago, i honestly cant tell if im improving much or not, places where i didnt use to break out much seem to be better.... but the places where i used to breakout a lot are just as bad.... my doctor said the next step after this is accutane(which im okay with) should i go on to the 'tane now or should i stick with it for longer?