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  1. How many of you guys use it? Does it work? Which brands do you use? How do you use it??? Thanks!
  2. Im considering going on accutane... But I have a concern over the possibility of hair loss. I have thin hair to begin with, and I really cant afford to lose any of it! How many of you users lost hair???
  3. I'm sorry, but I've never heard of Buckleys... But, in all honesty, ACV just tastes similar to a vinagerette salad dressing
  4. hey, i know it probably wont help too much to hear this,,, but you are gorgeous. your eyes make me melt a little too bad im stuck on the opposite side of the world! hang in there
  5. i drink 2tbsp 2 times a day. to me, it just tastes like salad dressing. honestly, it smells worse than it tastes!
  6. hey guys. I've been using this reg for 8 weeks now... and its stopped working. it actually stopped around week 5, but i held in there. and since bfg is going to get defensive... let me say that i've NEVER EVER missed one washing, or pill taking. i'm getting my cystic acne again. and its a disaster. please lord, just let me get accutane.
  7. ok, well I just sounded really dumb. I ment that they both work the same right...
  8. Are B5 and accutane similar? Are they nearly the same??? Both are forms of vitamin A, right???
  9. So, in 2 days of cutting back, my face has already become a disaster again. I wish i knew what to do.
  10. mineral supplements? I'm not quite sure what you mean...???
  11. yes, I have been taking a b-complex! I'm scared that as soon as I lessen my dose, the acne will come right back
  12. Hey Guys! I've sufered from cystic acne cronicly for the past few years. Over the past 2 months, however, I discovered the awesomeness of mega dosing on B5. I've been taking the full 10mg, split into 4 doses of 5 pills, during this time. It has taken a good 5 weeks to see results... My problem is that now i'm expierencing HAIR LOSS! I had read that this may be a side effect, but honestly I didn't think it would happen. Everytime I touch my hair, 5 or 6 pieces comes out. Also, my pillow i
  13. I hate to break it to you, but Centrum is one of the WORST vitamins you could possibly take. It would probably be better to not take a multy at all. Centrum is full of synthetic crap. This "fake" vitamins and minerals actually leach your body of vitamins you are getting from food. Try switching to a green mutivitamin from a local health food store... it'll be MUCH better in the long run!!!
  14. Hey Shelby- Thank you for taking such an interest in your son's dilema. So many parents just write acne off as a "right of passage" I have never used accutane- but those who do all LOVE it. So, be optimistic that it will help! I have, however, completely cut out dairy. I have been truely AMAZED at how much it has helped. About a week ago I used regular milk, for the first time in 5 weeks, for a bowl of cereral. In less than 2 hours I had my first cyst in weeks forming. ... I recomme
  15. Why do you think you need surgery? Maybe just a cortizone shot would work. Or, derms can drain it, too
  16. ready for this... i take a lot! Pyylluim husk fiber in the morning on an empty tummy Kal brand "blemish guard" x2 daily - has vit A,C, E, and a bunch of other good stuff B5- 10 mg daily B-Complex 2x daily Vitex 3x daily to reglate my crazy hormones Nordic Naturals Omega 3-6-9 complex garlic oil softgels 2x daily calcuim 2x daily zinc 1x daily a green multiple
  17. the spray tan works great for me! do it! and have fun at your dance!
  18. i've used bare minerals for nearly a year, but i dont like how it makes me look "dewy". i just ordered everyday minerals... we'll see how it goes!
  19. I've read tons about the wonderful effects of garlic applied topically. I've also read that it is great to eat raw... However, I'd really rather not smell like garlic day in and day out. Does anyone have advice as to a good holistic brand of garlic? And do you believe I can still achieve health benefits if taken in capsul instead of raw? thanks!
  20. May i ask you a question... I'm finding it hard to split my dose into 4 servings of 5 pills... Do you think 2 servings of 7 pills and one srving of 6 pills would work ok???