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  1. well my mom say not enough money for a derm so FUCK lmao..well im feeling happy now drunk and high not even thinkin bout how i look lol life is [email protected]!#[email protected]#@!# FUCK ACNE LMAO NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT WEALL NIGGASSSS TAHTS WAHTS UP
  2. maleovent...you say not to but i got to i cant go outside lookin like dis i feel inferrior... and also is accutane expencive? how hard is it to get ahold of it? o and alachohol makes my skin feel better and smoot its like 98 percent alachohol i wonder if i burn my face it will kill the pores because one day i went to beech and holey shit i was clear for a week...best week of my life
  3. yeah think+ nobody mentions to me i have acne but i guess im have a psychological problem would gasoline kill dis shit?
  4. hey thanks for the support .... when i look in the mirror i get depressed and always when i think it look better i have to do one mroe thing,then one more, once again one more...its ruining my life like wtf.....is there any way you can rid of tihs shit quick i dnot care about side effects whats the most powerful tihnk i can use that works fast
  5. hey if i had 2 zits i would be so happy idk what i would do i would actully come out of the house for once...you are luckey and you piss me off
  6. ok well i told my mom we ran out of hydrogen peroxide and thats what normally clears me up shes getting that tonight -hydrogen peroxide (the brown bottle) - rubbing alachhol ( 2 treatments 1 let dry then again ) - and the 3 step Proactiv this is what im going to do tonight and ill post if it works or not. i also took like 5 A-Zinc pills last night the 1 a day pills...i figure taking 5 a day will improve it faster but i felt sick...o well ill do anything to get these parasites off my face I
  7. hey guys thanks for the help..people care wow...i havent got this much attention witout any negativites in a while... i dont know how to goto a derm or ask my parents...last night was a rough night and i was tempting to sucide but i took my anger out on other stuff smoked weed and went to sleep... idk wahts wrong with me i woke up today and my face is still fucked up .. last night i did like 10 treatments of rubbing alachol and washed my face 20 times if this dont clear up by winter ball i dont
  8. hey i tried everything nothign works proactiv dont work and accutane looks like a merical pill that i need. acne ruined my life and i want to die i want to try accutane so bad any pointers on how to obtain this pill... how muhc it cost...does insurance cover?
  9. i had acne for about a year now and before ihad it i was all happy getting girls and having a good time , getting good grades , i am now 16. i got acne sometime last year i dont even remember and it getting worse, i skip school and smoke weed now to relieve my stress and get D's in school if im luckey. Acne ruined my life and im going to let it win. i dont know how but i am ending this. Proactiv dont work i on my 3-4th month and im to insecure about my self now to ask anybody for help or goto a