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  1. The values are skin depth: edit we do not allow links to shops. Does anyone know how deep subcision performed?
  2. Looks like vbeam goes to 1.5mm depth. Now the question is how deep is subcision and resulting blood pool? How about if I get vbeam tomorrow and then keep on suctioning - to get fresh blood in. That way vbeam will target superficial/PIE and blood pooling from suctioning will again help with collagen?
  3. Is it ok to get Vbeam 2-3 days after subcision? Subcision causes blood to pool under the skin so I'm wondering if vbeam will have negative affect on the subcision outcome. My derm think its ok to have vbeam afterwards. Wondering if anyone has done that or heard about it?
  4. Dermal fibroplasia basically means scar tissue. Isn't scar tissue supposed to be permanent? Then why does Sculptra last 2-3 years? There is conflicting advise on subcision, many doctors says they perform subcision and filler together. However, on this forum, people say to wait few days for filler. Last time I had subcision done, my face was quite smooth for a couple of months, I'm wondering if I wait a few days then how would the derm know which areas need filler, since my skin will be smooth
  5. I'm thinking the same, start with subcision, fillers and vbeam. Loss of volume in the middle of cheek is a huge concern for me, looks like Sculptra and Voluma both will work. Is one better than the other in my case?
  6. @beautifulambition Probably mixed you up with someone else who was quite active on this forum couple of years ago. I contacted Dr. Rullan's office and they recommend two options. First being that I get a 2-day Phenol peel, however, it has two week downtime and then facial redness for 1-3 months. Second option being Subcision with TCA CROSS and Microneedling. Phenol peel results on his site are really impressive, but I can't afford that kind of downtime right now, so I guess I need to stick wit
  7. Thanks for the quick response. What do you mean by "until filler runs out", isn't it supposed to last a year or so? I was reading Dr Lim and Dr Weiner's responses on another QA site and they both said that Infini + subcision + Fillers can be done on the same day? I recall back in 2016 you didn't have a positive opinion of Infini RF, in that you were of the opinion that it caused fat loss and people should stick with Needling at home. Has your experience been different with Infini since then?
  8. I'm in SF Bay area are there any good doctors here who target treatments to individual scars - like Dr. Davin Lim talks about? What treatment plan would you guys recommend? My key concerns are Redness all over cheeks and specifically old acne PIE, enlarged pores, box scars and volume loss.
  9. How did you find out surgeons that are using SkinTE? I'm in California, do you know if any surgeons are using it here?