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  1. Stay strong. Remember this drug will give you dark thoughts and dark days. It might take 6 months, it might take longer. Practice self care (ice packs on the face and binge watching your favorite shows helps). Treat yourself like the victim of a fire who is badly burned. Give yourself permission to wallow, but also practice radical self-love. Soup, ice water with lemon, anything that makes you feel like a patient in need of some TLC (even if you are the only one giving you TLC) just helps
  2. First of all, I am so sorry that your battle with acne left you feeling so empty. But it sounds like you have improved your skin and probably learned a lot about yourself along the way. One positive you or anyone can take from a long-term acne nightmare is that you have learned to not be so shallow or judging of others, you have fostered deep compassion and that makes you a hell of a catch, my friend. As a much older woman I don't know what to say about finding girls on websites other than t
  3. Dear, sweet, brave, wonderful girl. Sharing your thoughts with a community that understands you is a good place to start. I have 2 kids going through this and I feel like they are tortured everyday. School is the worst and everyone thinks they can give you advice because they can witness your condition. If you had cancer would people do the same thing? Of course not! You would have sympathy and compassion. So you know what? You have to give yourself that sympathy and compassion. You nee
  4. Sweet boy, my son is also 18 and living an acne nightmare. It is so hard to be brave every day and feel like you are being stared at or judged by others. Remember that you are a strong soul who has already shown more courage than most people will in a lifetime. Focus on your inner beauty and every day wake up a warrior ready to advocate for your own health and be your own navigator of skin care. So many experts out there and mixed messages and pollutants in our water and food--who knows wha
  5. Sending you a hug. I have an 18-year-old son going through a rough time with acne and it sucks. It takes courage to face the world when you just want to hunker down and hide. Be kind to yourself and know that you can do everything right and sometimes the acne gods are totally unfair.
  6. This helps a bit. I have two children, ages 23 and 18 going through intense acne battles. I feel so helpless, but have been so proud of both of them for being brave and soldering on.