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  1. I don't doubt you at all but I've noticed that theirs a couple of depressed areas on my skin,which leads me to believe different but for the most part. I think it's just what you have mentioned PIE.
  2. I'm honestly thinking about stopping it. I am not exactly sure if it is PIE or scarring that I have. I will soon get some kind of treatment.
  3. Thanks I appreciate that. I went to the doc after all of my acne was deceased. Which led to alot of confusion in my mind. I'm wondering if dermabrasion would be a good choice. I am still uncertain because everything looks better in a photo than in real life, not to mention my face.
  4. I'm just doing what my derm advised. He swears up and down that it would improve my skin lol.
  5. Currently I am suffering with the condition shown below. I am aware that it is some form of scarring. Ironically my derm put me on accutane for it and told me that it would treat it. Over my course I have noticed that it is not inflammed/angry as it was before. I am interested in further treatment options. The condition is not as severe as alot of others but it bothers me,because I hardly ever had acne through my childhood and suddenly it hit me deep into my 19th year. I am currently 20 years ol