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  1. Yeah there are other threads about this, and yes it will go away. Use moist wipes instead of dry TP, get some Preparation H, and take flaxseed or fish oil.
  2. You might want to go back to your derm and get a topical like Tazorac. I got some at my 6-week follow-up post Tane.
  3. Here is a good and reasonable answer- http://www.diabetes123.com/dteam/2003-12/d_0d_bj6.htm
  4. Yup, if you just spot treat with it and it doesn't irritate your skin, it's fine.
  5. Tane dries everything out, and it could be disrupting the balance "down there" and making you prone to yeast infections. Also, if you were on antibiotics a lot for your acne prior to going on Tane, that'll do it too. Eating yogurt with active cultures is good advice, and I also highly recommend a product called Rephresh (find it in the feminine care aisle) that is non-medicated but restores the pH balance in that area.
  6. Because it can irritate and dry out your skin.
  7. Chillax, just drink plenty of fluids and rest as you normally would with a cold and you'll be fine. In fact everyone at work got knocked out by the flu this winter, and I was the one who was least affected and kicked it fastest while still taking Tane (other people had temps over 100 and were out for days). If it is a cold and not flu, taking Cold Eze in the first few days will help a lot.
  8. I wash my face, wait about 5 minutes, apply tazorac (not too much), wait about 10 minutes, then apply moisturizer. I dunno what your derm meant about leaving it on for 5 minutes...I sleep all night with it on. But yes, apply tazorac before moisturizing. I just got my prescription today (I'm 6 weeks post-Tane). Apparently for the first month you're supposed to leave it on a few minutes then wash it off, then work up to leaving it on all night, but is that really necessary?
  9. Yeah I finished my course a few weeks ago and I'm noticing some minor breakouts- I'm hoping it's just the last of the bad stuff coming out. You also have to accept the fact that only Mother Nature can give you flawless skin and while Tane helps a lot, it doesn't mean you'll never get another breakout, thought it should never be as bad. My derm also said he'd put me on a topical for maintenance when I go for my follow-up visit, so you may want to ask yours for one too.
  10. Preparation H is even better than Vaseline. Sounds gross, but works.
  11. I used the Proactiv mask during my course, that stuff is the shizz. I think it's OK if you just spot-treat with it. If it dries or irritates your skin too much, quit using it.
  12. Clinical data blah blah blah? Talk about ignorant. Clinical studies are THE gold standard for proving a hypothesis. Media speculation and patient hearsay are just that.
  13. Also, try taking flaxseed oil, which is a natural stool softener and helps with dryness overall.
  14. Well in my case stopping eating dairy has stopped the cysts that resulted from eating it, but not all the acne. I saw a homepathic doctor who said that due to my blood type, A+ my body cant digest dairy as well as other blood types.
  15. You can use copper peptides (i.e. Neutrogena Visbly Firm) while on Tane. That's what I've been using, and my skin hasn't looked this good in ages.
  16. No prob at all. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  17. Well, no. Some people claim that taking huge doses, like 20 or so B5 pills a day has a similar effect to Tane but is safer because B5 is water-soluble and isn't stored in the body (see the Holistic Treatments forum here for more details). If it works for them, great, but it hasn't been widely studied or conclusively proven. Also I figure if I'm going to take a possibly dangerous megadose of vitamins, I would rather do it under a doctor's supervision and take 2 pills a day vs. 20.
  18. Month 3, 40 mg/ day and no suckage here, not even dry lips, and I couldn't be happier with my skin. I do have to lotion up after showering which I never did, but a lot of people who aren't on Tane have to do that.
  19. By reproductive issues you mean infertility caused by Accutane and not the birth defects? Women obviously do get pregnant while on it and immediately after their course, or they wouldn't make you jump through all the iPledge hoops and use 2 methods of birth control. And infertility is a complex problem, so if someone took Tane and then couldn't get pregnant years later it doesn't mean the Tane caused it. As for Tane vs. the Pill for acne, if your acne is bad enough to consider Tane I would go fo
  20. You might also think about switching to the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser, which works great but is mild enough to take off eye makeup with. The Oil Free wash has salicylic acid, which might irritate your skin.