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  1. Try Joesoef Skin Care they make a spot treatment that goes on transparent and it works. they make clinical strenght acne products by a famous dermatologist that have been used in Asia for over 20 years. Its called Anti Acne Spot treatment....I found them on the allure boards....their products Rock !!!
  2. I use a glycolic 8% face cream that is rich in its ingredients along with a sulfur drying lotion to get my acne under control. The glycolic has no fillers and is made by dermatologist Dr Joesoef, i use it twice a week at night. I use 3 times a week sulfur drying lotion which i leave on over night so it penetrates deep into the pore for best results. This stuff is amazing. Joesoef skin care can be found online. i read about them on the allure boards and people have been raving about thier
  3. I found a great moisturizing SPF 30 that UVA/UVB protection & is also a hydrator, its PABA free and oil free made by a dermatologist with optimal pH for your skin. the brand is Joesoef skin care. its like $12 but worth every penny!! Cataphil made me breakout too. its all about quality ingredients...
  4. Try Joesoef Skin Care they make a sulfur drying lotion 6.6% with natural volcanic sulfur made by a dermatologist. I use it at night this stuff really works and it only takes a little bit to do the job. Try applying it night and wash away in the morning. this allows it to penetrate deep inot your pores. this stuff is amazing. Aslo try Murad's sulfur mask. both are worth the money. i found Joesoef online at allure boards and people have been raving about the positive change in their comp
  5. I gave up on proactiv and found a real solution Joesoef Skin Care. I took the natural approach to treating my acne and it worked. They have a Ance kit that uses volcanic sulfur. I found them on the allure boards people are raving about the results. My derm said Sulfur is natural and excellent to treat ance because its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. has anyone tried them?
  6. Hey Bacne sufferers there is hope. I workout alot and get acne on my back and chest. I thought i would never get rid of it. Then I found this Joesoef sulfur soap on the web. This stuff really works leaving your skin feeling squeeky clean. I have oily skin and lots of hair. This stuff penetrates deep into the pore to attack acne at the root. Its a $7 solution !!!!
  7. My derm had me on all kinds of meds for years. Then I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to find natural alternative to treat acne. Then online I found this famous dermatologist Dr Joesoef who uses natural volcanic sulfur to treat acne, dermatitis, oily skin and more. With natural sulfur as the active ingredient he formulated a Acne Kit. Sulfur is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. We all know what harmful bacteria and fungus can do to a complexion #%*!.... Well I stop with the
  8. AHA Glycolic Acid comes in many % from 2 to 70, but many people make the mistake of thinking the higher % the better. Wrong. many companies out there like Alpha hydrox use plenty of fillers in their formulation meaning that the deliver a high % of low quality glycolic. Then there are the prestige brands like murad, Joesoef skin care and DDF who use higher quality AHA glycolic and few fillers. Glycolic is excellent for acne, acne scars, and UV damage, wrinkles, and blemishes. It find out
  9. Try using Joeosef skin care dandruff shampoo 2 in 1 with conditioner, it uses natural biosulfur 2% with collagen to moisturize and heal dry itchy scalp. it worked for me. I tried them all T-Gel, nizoral and countless more...
  10. Did you know that Sulfur is a natural ingredient that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualties great for treating acne, oily skin, blackheads, dermatitis and more. For centuries people have used sulfur springs to cure their skin aliments. Now leading skin care companies use sulfur as their active ingredient because it works to cure acne and its natural. some companies like Murad, Joesoef Skin Care, DDf, and even Proactiv use sulfur in one form or another. Take Murad they make a high end
  11. Hey gals, Ive been using this new skin care for acne with sulfur as the active ingredient call Joesoef skin care. I found it online on the allure boards. I also use murad's sulfur mask at night. I found that using the joesoef acne soap every night along with murad mask 1 or 2 times a week really got my acne and oily skin under control. Plus it always good to dring plenty of water to hydrate your skin. My derm told me to add anti-oxidant supplement to my routine. Anyone esle have tips to