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  1. Thanks, i've never heard of AHA, what does it stand for and any particular products you would reccomend which has that ingredient?
  2. thnx for the reply. I been using Fade Out for the past few days, was wondering if anyone used it and noticed any results from it?
  3. Hey guys.. The past few years i've been getting alot of spots on my face, they usually take about 2-3 weeks to dissapear, but once it dissapears, it leaves a brownish round mark on my face. This has been an ongoing issue and it's starting to bug me because i've realised i have alot of brown round marks on my face now and i can't seem to find anything to help treat it. I don't think it's my diet because i have a very healthy one, i work out, eat plenty of water and have my vitamins, but
  4. I used benzoyl peroxide but it use to dry out my skin and still left pimple marks. Anyone got any advice about treating the pimple marks?
  5. Hey guys.. A few weeks ago, i had a breakout of spots on both sides of my cheeks, it took about a week or two for the spots to go but after it dissapeared, i was left with a reddish round pimple on the places where i had the spots. The pimples are blended in the skin and aren't raised or anything so i defiinetly know they aren't spots. The problem with me having pimples is that my skin is very pale so whenever i get a spot or a pimple, it's very visible and it really bothers me. I've ha
  6. i really don't want to use self peeling, i don't trust myself to treat my own skin using skin peeling, i'm too scared that i might screw my skin up. My skin isn't too bright, my avatar pic was taken using a lamp so it makes my skin look pale, but i just wanna ask, in what ways can tca ruin my skin color? The method im going to use is btw is the most lightest tca, so it won't be too strong. And your right about my scars nagging me, they been nagging me for 8 eyars now, i always thought when i g
  7. yeah i was thinking of using fillers but because i have quite a few scars that i need to treat, i will end up spending more than a thousand per treatment which is abit too much. I think fillers are only for those who only have one scar, but because i have like 6 scars in my face which are quite severe, it will cost me a fortune in the long run. The person i saw today at the clinic said easy tca peel would be the best method for me,and cost me £600. She also said it will make my scars look more
  8. ok so i had a consultation today at a clinic called sk:n llocated in harley street london, they had a look at my scars and said that they can treat the scars to make it less visible using skin peeling. They said it would cost £600 (excluding creams) covering 4 courses and how the process is going to go. I don't have much knowledge in skin peeling so what really scared was that they said after the treatment, my skin will peel off over time, it will be red and tight, and it will be extremely sen
  9. I can;t actually remember the term my gp used to describe my skin sinc eit was almost 9 years when i had that appointment, but i remember him saying because my skin is so stretchy, it will be difficult for it to heal itself from cuts and will most likely leave a scar. Just out of curisoty, whats so bad about face peeling, i don't have much knowledge in them but it doesn't seem very harmful. i was thinking of using fillers on one scar to try it and see how it works, but it seems like a very daun
  10. I was told by my GP a while ago that because my skin is very sensitive and elasticated, my skin will have difficulty to try to heal itself. One of my sister who's skin isn't as stretchy as mine had a cut in her face a while ago, i had realised that her skin had fully healed with any scar re-occuring. in my case, if i get even the slightest cut, it will leave a scar regardless of how minior the cut was. I came across another treatment which might be suitable for my condition, what about chem
  11. hmm i'm not sure then since i have quite a few scars so it might cost me a fortune to treat all of them with fillers, but i'll have a look at that in a mo. Just wanted to ask one more thing, and i know this may sound abit silly but do you think if i had tried anti-wrinkle creams, would they work on my scars. Its just an idea i had in my head since my scars look similar to wrinkles, i thought maybe it i could try em and see if they work.
  12. ok thnx anna, now i know what they're called. My skin is VERY elasitcated so i can stretch a good few inches or so, which is why i think every scar i have received throughout my lifetime, they never healed. About fillers, how much do they roughly cost in the uk, and how long do they last? Does the injection treat the whole scar or do i need to have each scar injected?
  13. ok thnx, any products in particular cause there seems to be alot of products which have retinoid.
  14. the pictures aren't doing any justice tbh, it looks minor there, but its actually more severe than how it looks in the pictures. So, are there no treatments for these scars, i'm starting to think there might not be any