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  1. nope, you are not alone. i know exactly how you feel. ive been dealing with acne for 10 years now. it totally ruined my adult life in so many ways. my acne has improved greatly in the past 3 months and im now about 95% clear (thanks acne.org). my life has soooo changed for the better since ive been clear. so dont give up- i suffered for years but there was light at the end of the tunnel. it can happen for you too. hang in there
  2. Hello to all out there, So when I discovered this website about a month ago, I started the regimen along with Minocycline twice a day. I took a couple weeks, but my sking started to get better... But I had already decided I was going to start accutane as I have tried nearly everything for 10 years. I can hardly drink any alcohol, caffeine, chocolate - almost everything I enjoyed bc it makes me break out. My derm told me to completely stop all my treatment. Now it has been 16 days on the acc
  3. Hello all, I have suffered from chronic acne for most of my twenties. I am almost 30, and have tried nearly everything - creams,antibiotics, and proactive, all herbal skin products. Recently, I have stopped drinking beer and wine, eating chocolate and sulfite rich foods. Anything that has worked has only worked temporarily. I was once told by my derm that it could be perioral dermatitis bc it is mainly concentrated around my mouth and chin area. My next step is to try accutane. Sometimes when
  4. The spots are also a problem for me - huge!! My derm once told me it was dermatitis. I did alot of research on it and I think it is too. I also found out I have certain chemical sensitivities that are found in common products, and that I have an allergy to nickel - also found in common foods and household items. I have found the best way to deal with these spots is to use Balmex - I once had a huge huge itchy bump - obviously a reaction to something. It really had no head. THe only thing t
  5. Wow!! What a great story. I have tried nearly everything except accutane, and have had little luck with what the dermatologist gives. I am trying to learn all I can to see if I can come up with something myself to avoid the accutane. It makes sense that the SA and BP need to work together. I will try this and let you know. I am currently taking minocycline, and using the regimen. It seems like it has kept new acne at bay, but is doing nothing for the acne I already have - maybe the SA is