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    I'm 19 who loves life, my girlfriend, psychedelia, MUSIC, art, driving, nature, the sun, *&marijuana
  1. :) you are a sweetheart! i don't deserve such nice compliments, but i'm glad you enjoyed mine. but seriously... you're a babe!
  2. Aww thanks for the sweetest comments but! youuuu have to be the best looking one around here, no doubt~ :D

  3. Thanks everyone who contributed to my thread. The olay exfoliater does have the micro beads, and it's making more sense to me that if I keep up frequent use, it will irritate the breakout spots even more. So since I just started using this scrub (2weeks) I will probably use it maybe twice for ever 2 weeks from now on.. Now should I bring my topic over to the redness forum, or can I get some advice on that here too? I've went to a derm before and I used to take antibiotics. I really didn't
  4. Leo.

    Mostly me

  5. Bump (ttt) since pictures are approved, now
  6. Background: since about age 15 my face was oily. I never washed it or took care of it like I should of. Once I started getting breakouts I would try to pop everything. But then I started noticing a bit of scarring. So now I barely touch my face (only when I really have no other choice, and if I do I make sure my face and hands are washed, the pimple is READY, and use tissue to help remove the pimple completely until there is some blood. I don't use a lot of force. I try to be as gentle as possib