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  1. erm...Well i just ordered my sample kit from EM and im eagerly awaiting its arrival! does anyone know how long it takes to get from the US to Aus? I ordered the apple blush cos ive seen how much everyone raves about it... it looks a little light on the net but IM TRUSTING U GUYS!!! oh, and are u allowed to order more than one sample kit in the one name, at different times?? thanks everyone!
  2. ohh never pick.. bacteria only backs it worse... i know its tempting though lol
  3. are u kidding me??? your skin is so nice!!!!!!
  4. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU everyone for posting those lists of bad ingredients.... i seriously just threw out half my makeup...ive always gotten oil free products but the little buggers trick you!!!!
  5. pretty sure ive been suffering from a lack of sex and masturbation for three and a half months and my skin is total crap... the lies!! lol
  6. i suggest trying cetaphil for oily skin if ur in australia, for normal to oily skin i think it is in the US... all the stats are there on the website showing how it decreases oil. also, a really strong zinc supplement is great...
  7. ok so i've started a new regimen about 2 days ago, so its early days yet!! well.... AM: cetaphil cleanser for oily skin (AUS) simple (AUS) soothing toner hamilton everyday face SPF 30 sunscreen PM: cetaphil cleanser for oily skin simple soothing toner Duac neutrogena oil free moisture I also take Dianne-35, but notice the days when im takign the sugar pills my skin seems to flare up...does anyone know if its advisable to not take the sugar pills, skipping them every month? i take black
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