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  1. It works pretty well for me. I've tried various salicylic acid and BP products, and on the whole I get superior results from the BP products.
  2. How've ya been, Lil?

  3. I hear you Lil...Back when I was younger and more insecure, if I had a bad breakout, or even one particularly bad blemish in a horrible spot, I would call in sick to work because I just couldn't bear to be seen by the outside world. Forget letting a girl see my face up close or letting her touch my face! I'm so glad that's all behind me now...

  4. Shit...You missed just ONE regimen and it was game over?

  5. leaving comments on an acne message board.

  6. Hey don't get me wrong...I love spending time in the country. Living in the downtown core of a major city can get extremely disheartening after a while.

    Well when you get pics I want to see Lily the raccoon. If you're on Facebook, feel free to add me. Just do a search for "Gene Paul Na". Then you can see my craptacular costume as well and we won't have to communicate by l

  7. 1) Pics?

    2) Yes, but not where I live.

  8. Two questions:

    1) What did you dress up as?

    2) Barn???

  9. On a complete side note, are you doing anything cool or fun for Halloween?

  10. Oh I'm no flatterer...I'm just very honest and upfront. I think that if someone is beautiful you should tell them. Who doesn't want to hear that?

  11. It's only the truth. You know what it's like when you see someone and you're completely caught off guard and winded by their beauty? That's what it was like for me. And that doesn't happen to me very often...

  12. Three years? Consider yourself lucky. I've been suffering from acne for EIGHTEEN years now! =P

  13. Nice to meet you Raelynn :)

  14. I sort of did...When I was between the ages of 15 - 26 I had bacne everywhere. Now I hardly have any.
  15. Wow. You're lucky...My face is oily all the time no matter what time it is...
  16. Stress and my skin are definitely closely intertwined, no doubt about that...I also find that seasonal/climate changes can cause me to break out as well.
  17. Acne has been the bane of my existance for my entire adult life. Actually even longer than that...Since I was 13. I feel your frustration dude. Right now I'm using a salicylic acid cleanser and it's doing a pretty good job. My face is quite clear.
  18. I seriously doubt it....Although I guess you never know....I mean smoking cigarettes can be bad for your skin...