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  1. No kidding. I like your picture, it's neat

  2. It works pretty well for me. I've tried various salicylic acid and BP products, and on the whole I get superior results from the BP products.
  3. How've ya been, Lil?

  4. I hear you Lil...Back when I was younger and more insecure, if I had a bad breakout, or even one particularly bad blemish in a horrible spot, I would call in sick to work because I just couldn't bear to be seen by the outside world. Forget letting a girl see my face up close or letting her touch my face! I'm so glad that's all behind me now...

  5. yeah, it sucks, i can't miss a night or my skin goes crazy. makes it tough when i want to sleep over at a boy's house or whatever.

  6. Shit...You missed just ONE regimen and it was game over?

  7. leaving comments on an acne message board.

  8. Hey don't get me wrong...I love spending time in the country. Living in the downtown core of a major city can get extremely disheartening after a while.

    Well when you get pics I want to see Lily the raccoon. If you're on Facebook, feel free to add me. Just do a search for "Gene Paul Na". Then you can see my craptacular costume as well and we won't have to communicate by l

  9. none yet. and you're missing out. i live right on the edge of the city and the country, and i get the best of both worlds.

  10. 1) Pics?

    2) Yes, but not where I live.

  11. a) a raccoon and

    b) what, they don't have barns in canada? :P

  12. Two questions:

    1) What did you dress up as?

    2) Barn???

  13. hah, sorry i didn't get back to you earlier - was too busy being crazy for halloween :P i went to this party where they had set up mattresses all over the floors and walls of their barn for people to wrestle... it was so fun!!!

  14. On a complete side note, are you doing anything cool or fun for Halloween?

  15. that is very true. i appreciate it a lot.