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  1. 20mg per week? My 40mg/day course seems more hardcore now '-' Well, my very very... very oily skin went dry in just a couple months
  2. If acne is your problem, then iso can be a good option. I took antibiotics for a month with no results and in only four moths on isotretinoin I was acne free. For some people, it can be a miracle pill. Just to put in perspective, I had bad acne when I was about 15yo with constant breakouts on my back and face. Not to mention the extremely oily skin and every so often a really bad one showed up on my face. I remember two particularly "bloody" episodes... It was incredibly annoying. I wish I had a
  3. "I knew Accutane will only make me want to jump off a cliff". Don't be so sure about that. For some people Isotretinoin works like a charm. I had bad acne since I was 15yo. Four months on isotretinoin and it was gone. Not reduced, gone. No fancy soap routines, no creams, just two pills/day
  4. Yeah, I had a similar reaction. After one month on Lymecycline, I actually got a little bit worse
  5. So much hate for a drug... If you don't like it, don't use it
  6. People react differently, but here is my take: I had a very oily skin and it went dry in less than two months. After the forth month I was acne free.
  7. For me it was a waste of time. Took it for a month with no improvements. Only isotretinoin did the trick
  8. Only time will tell. My derm told me some people need four months to see the results...
  9. It is safe if you take proper caution. Just need to notify your physician about any noticeable effects and do monthly check ups. Nobody takes isotretinoin one day and decides to commit suicide first thing in the morning. If I knew this treatment was so simple and effective, I would have done it years ago
  10. Short answer: Yes! I managed to be acne free in just four months of treatment, although I had to take it for three extra months so it won't come back. Had minimum side effects and overall success in the treatment. I had a pretty bad acne when I was around 15 yo and to see it gone in a couple of months just by taking two pills/day is almost miraculous. As long you follow your derm's instructions you should be fine.
  11. Well, I had quite the opposite reaction. Once you start to see the results, you should feel happier (as I did). "I would like nothing more than to have this drug banned completely". This is just plain stupid. Of course people can have different reactions to isotretinoin or any medicine, but that is why one should have periodical appointments to check physical and psychological conditions and whether or not the treatment must go on. Countless of people for many years now had tremendous improvem
  12. One more thing... Isotretinoin not only changed the overall appearance. My skin feels better to the touch, as if I got a complete face transplant lol
  13. I had similar lesions when I started the treatment. Tried Adapalene (differin) for two months but unfortunately it wasn't enough, so I had to move to Isotretinoin. Now that I am done with the isotretinoin course I am back to adapalene for maintenance. Just like you, I got worse after the first weeks. You should continue with the treatment until the next derm appointment (maybe you will end up on isotretinoin too).
  14. Month 1 (Don't have a pic from month zero, but it was worse...) vs Month 6. 40mg/day isotretinoin. Very happy with the results