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  1. I usually just leave them alone as in sunlight they don't look that bad, but still its there. They do harbor a tiny amount of puss the odd time i have succeeded in extracting one of them, so is it closed comedones or Folliculitis? as if its the first i'm sure it will just clear up like my other acne did using the light lamp. Also heard that antibiotics could cause the Folliculitis, i have in the past used Bactrim for around 4/5 months, could that of caused it? Also they are soft not hard. Alex
  2. http://i39.tinypic.com/24odbma.jpg Just copy and paste image address into address bar. Regards Alex HELP! :]
  3. Hi, Well im all clear, but still have some small pimple like bumps on my forehead, they aren't whiteheads and don't hurt upon touching them but they are annoying me. I'll upload a picture and could you fellow forum members tell me what they are and how to get rid of them? Also i ditched the BP as i decided to go natural turning to buying a Beautyskin acne lamp which is working wonderfully on my skin. (been using for 2 1/2 weeks and the bumps have been there since i first started getting acne, y
  4. Well i've tried many things to clear my acne, and some of which did clear me, but only for a short period, and when i stopped using it, it came back. Well it could be that my hormones have settled down, as to why im gettin less acne, although i still get the odd little one or two, so i looked for a simple routine that would help me with that. 1. I use plain ol' water to cleanse, cold and warm. I don't use a proper cleanser as i find it just more convenient and more gentle using water. 2. Drink t
  5. True dat. I just hope there soon is a PREOPER CURE-EVERONE treatment for acne. WOOOO, he must of been very disturbed to kill the daughter though, why not the dad? the one that actually threw insults at him, although noone dieing would of worked better. BTW i'm not putting all the blame on acne, just saying it was the cause of him gettin sick and psychologically damaged. Alex
  6. Very true Hannibal, but the mind is a complicated thing. If he was absolutely fine psychologically then he wouldn't of killed, WE all have it in us to kill, its just most of us can control our anger and psychologically we couldn't take the guilt and the concept of taking a life, but this kid, an outcast, gettin picked on due to acne, and at the time he did, greedy with anger struck out like most of us do with acne, YES he had to have been sick to actually kill a kid, all i'm saying is my bet is
  7. I just stubbled across this bit of news via Google, and it had me thinking. News If this boy didn't have acne, this little girl wouldn't of died. We all know how acne can be detrimental to how we act and react, and how it's biggest impact is on our mind and causes us to become angry more easily etc. So if he didn't have this disease and psychologically he was fine, which he was not down to the acne it would never of happened. Shows how something so insignificant compared to other diseases can r
  8. I have also heard Peppermint does alot for hormonal acne, because of the anti-androgen properties it has, as i have had alot of progress with Green Tea, I suspect this will work too, if not better. Anyone got any take on these properties? Regards Alex
  9. I have recently been drinking Pure Green Tea, and it has helped my acne tremondously, only 1-2 pimples a week due to the Green Tea. It's also greatly reducing inflammation on the spots and redmarks i do have when i open up the used green tea bag and apply it to my face for around a minute while showering. I can honestly say this is the best product i've ever used when treating my acne, aswell as the added benefits of better rexation after drinking, less stress and it being CHEAP! But as i've be
  10. I hope you're being facetious...there is nothing good/funny about the body absorbing toxic chemicals. If you really want to stay away from the sun, there are much less toxic ways to do so, ie: protective clothing, shade, and powder SPF that is not absorbed by the skin. http://cosmeticsinfo.org/safety.php Not much of an argument. Nor does it go against anything that I've said. Any of the common ingredients found in most SPF creams are dangerous to the body whether or not some website or p
  11. I know about the side-effects of Aspirin, Reye's Syndrome being the worst. I only use Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for pain, the latter in low doses. Im sure it wouldn't be so widely available if it had a high percentage risk of SJS. But i am just curious as I see alot of people on this board refer to Bactrim as a dangerous drug, yet its worse side-effect is known to be a risk in a well known pain killer. So his only choice is to go ahead with the Bactrim, and see if he has any adverse effects? The
  12. Hi, One of my mates has been put on Septra, upon his request. But I am wary as I have heard of the side-effects you can get if you are allergic to the sulfa, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome etc. He said he wasn't allergic, yet he has no evidence to back this up. When i questioned him, he told me his dermatologist said the risk of getting that Syndrome was the same as Ibuprofen, mind you thats the first i knew about that side-effect of a well known, popular painkiller. So my question: Is the risk of a