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  1. I have two large blackheads in my left ear. I can only see one of them but people attest to there being another. One of them is huge, and you can see a little mound that has built up around it. I had a similar blackhead and mound on my nose once, and it took a lot of squeezing to get it all out... and that's pretty impossible for my ear. It's just a difficult location, and the blackhead is disgusting. What do you all suggest for ear blackheads?
  2. So I went to the dermatologist yesterday for my first check-up ever since he prescribed me Doxycycline 100 mg and Differin gel back in the beginning of January. He said that since my body took to those two medications with ease, it was time to bump up the treatment and add a cream, to be put on at night, and that now I should use the Differin gel in the morning. I told him this morning idea is a no-go, because the Differin gel (by nature of the fact that is a gel) makes it so that my face is h
  3. I have a blackhead in my ear. How can I get rid of it?
  4. What are some ways to get rid of soon-to-be pimples? You know, reddening spots, that you know will eventually come to a head.
  5. So for awhile now I've had this underlying spot right in the middle of my upper lip. About a month or so ago, it finally became a pimple. The problem is that everytime it pops and goes down, and seemingly heals, pretty soon it comes to a head again. This has happened 3 or 4 times now; the damn thing won't stay away. How can I get rid of this thing?
  6. I know this should be put in the 'Make-Up' forum but I figure this would be quicker, and I'm a little short on time. I have a dance coming up, and I have about 3 red spots from recent pimples on my chin, and I'm looking to cover them up as best as I can. I know nothing about concealers and the ilk, so any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Someone awhile ago posted a regioned face chart, which talked about the causes of acne in particular places. I'm clear except for around my mouth - my upper lip is clear, but the chin is having a long breakout. I'm trying to figure out the cause, and what I should do. Anything anyone has to say is gladly welcomed. Thank you.
  8. So I've got like 2 blackheads on my nose, and they're hard as crap to get out. I've left the one on the side alone because I'm afraid I'll break my nose in the process. The one on the front is slowly coming out, but I was wondering if you all had some advice to make the process smoothers. I have a Neutrogena blackhead-eliminating astringent, Neutrogena blackhead-eliminating daily scrub, and Neutrogena blackhead-eliminating facial mask. I also have a cleanser, 2.5% BP, and some witchhazel. H
  9. Admit it, you're just plugging the fact that you made out with a girl. You =
  10. So I've had this pimple on my upper lip, right below my nose for about 4 days. It hasn't come to a head yet, which is unusual for me, and it's really ... annoying and apparent. What are some ways to get rid of pimples that haven't come to a head?
  11. So I've been on the regimen for awhile now, I can't remember exactly how long. I don't really get pimples anymore except for on the front of my chin. They're annoying, and they usually form right where the skin creases in a little bit. Hopefully, you know where I'm talking about. Are there any methods or advice for clearing up persistent pimples in this area? Thanks for your time.