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  1. i been on it 2 1/2 months, there is an improvement. But not up to my standards, 50% clear rather then 30%.. i will only be satisfied with 100% clear.
  2. i seems like antibotics don't work very well, wonder why derms keep prescribing that sh*t
  3. Due to money problems i cannot afford the blood tests or the doctor visits, if anyone had sucess getting Tane online without a prescription and it working, please post or msg me. thanks.
  4. I been using for alittle over a month and a half. It started working great cleared up my back pretty good and my face looking like it was going to be clear. Now I'm breaking out again. Came back just as bad on my back. Now im getting 1 or 2 whiteheads a day. Haven't change schedule or regiment. Any advice?
  5. Hang in there, i had acne really bad my last 2 years of highschool and all my college years.. Really messes you up socially when you hate people looking at your face. and those are the years you develop socially.
  6. At first, visiting this site made me depressed. Don't know why, maybe because i didn't want to think about my face. But after reading posts in all the sections, most of these of people are helpful and friendly, so after a year on and off i decided to make an account to make some posts.
  7. Remember to vote for Giuliani on your way to the Derm ps: Good luck on getting the prescription your looking for.
  8. Your completely clear besides scars, look at how to minimize those scars, I have hyperpigmentation + scars, i'll trade you... if you really think your lacking and think your mental pick up a hobby. btw you're beautiful, don't feel guilty about it .
  9. She Genuinely likes you. Enjoy it. Don't tell her why you think your ugly to much though.
  10. Can't tell people what not to be depressed about, Acne didn't bother or depress me until my 4th year of it, but now, i don't look in the mirror unless its fogged. You women can hide it with make-up when it gets down to Mild so stop whining.
  11. I've never heard or seen that before . Damn must've been painful everytime u blinked