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  1. I have an appointment with a new DR. tomorrow who is suggesting a combination of (new to me) birth control pill(not the IUC, Ring or implants) and blood pressure medicine. Also my friend is taking a oil control medicine (it is described as a diuretic) and she has been happy with that. Anyone heard of any of these?
  2. I have been going to a esthetician and had microdermabrasion. It has made a difference in the scars and she has been helping with the breakouts as well. You should definatly try it out when you can

  3. LMF

    I have tried chemical peels and one laser treatment and have seen improvement on my scars. I have not tried that particular peel, but as long as you go to a reputable place and do your research I think you might see some improvement. My goal is not to HAVE to wear makeup to feel normal.

  4. I say... If you have tried others and they failed why not give this a try. Non of the products can hurt you, and the fiber can do some real good to your guts! (My dad is a Gastroentrologist - Stomach and guts and says people really do need more fiber) Once you get used to the fiber what is the real harm in trying. With all of the studies out there about the health of you gut affecting the rest of your body I see some good reasons to try. Go for it!
  5. Just stick with it. Many of these treatments make you go through this type of breakout. I totally believe it is getting all of the crap under your skin out. If you can hold on for hopefully just a few more days or so I really believe you will see results! Don't give up. I always have to try something for about 4-6 months to see if it is going to work long term. I know how bad you feel right now. It will get better soon.
  6. My ideas: 1) I think you might need to find something that can just plain clear you skin out, like a series of deep pore facials or peels. (You will need to talk with a doctor or skin specialist to make sure you find something that is not to harsh and safe for your skin). Once the bad stuff is out you can start to repair. I am not saying that you will not have break outs, but you will then be able to get down to the problem rather than treating the after effects. 2) Find a few products to us
  7. I think that the break outs may start around the time of your period, but then the secondary infections becuase of the first round may keep it going all month so it seems to never go away. This is what I think I am going through so I wanted to throw it out there for you to think about. Birth Control did not work for me either. Accutane only worked while I was on it. Maybe try a gentle routine to clean your skin and something to exfoliate it a bit more regularly. Just make sure to start ge
  8. I agree with everyone so far. Helpful right? I am 33. I have been fighting it since highschool. I have tried accutane and it was not successful in the long term for me, but was for friends. I have tried many of the drugs and topicals from the doctor. So far nothing long term. I totally believe that diet can help or hurt. Some people are allergic to some things. You will probable have to do some test studies on your self. Pick some of the common ones to start with like cheese and dairy.
  9. Make sure you write down all that you are doing today so they can see and maybe give you some good ideas. They do have some great products, you just need to get what works for you. It will get better, you have to believe and keep at it. I found that I need to bring ideas to my Dr. instead of him coming to me with them, but either way he has the prescription pad and if something works go for it! Write down any of the meds or ideas you have seen here. That might also help you. Someone here
  10. Here is my opinion. I say opinion becuase I have been working with the acne thing for what feels like my whole life (sound farmilliar to anyone?). Ok maybe just 16 years. I think you might be dealing with some similar issues as I am. I feel like my skin is think. I think some of the break outs might be hormonal (female here) and I know some are stress related. I do not feel like I can get rid of one batch before another comes along and am therefore always ugly. I would say I am not a stre
  11. I know, as a girl, I probably have no business in this topic area, but... I have heard from a few of my guy friends about a shaving cream that rocks. It is $$ ($20 a pop) but they swear by it. One guy who usually has to shave before work and after (if he is going out that night) says he did not have to shave twice and he face was more smooth than ever before. Plus he said he did not need any type of aftershave. Hey it might be worth a try and maybe less irritating to those with some br
  12. Remember! All of us have different skin and different reactions to all of the items available. Differin worked for me, for a while Duac is another new one from the dermo, worked for a while Aveno makes some decent products Start slow, drint water, keep up what ever you choose for a least a month or more to see if it really works before changing. (Unless your skin really freaks out - change then) I have also liked the results from the Neutrogena Microderm Home Kit used every few days, just b
  13. Hey, Personally I used it in High School and College (3 times) with no long term luck (I am female). My cousin, however used it and it worked fabulously for him. I would give it a try. I think it really depends on the person and the type of acne. Mine seems to be more hormonal/stress related and it worked while I was on it. You will probably have good luck with it. If not, then you will at least have a few months of clear skin and know to look at other items in the future. Plus the winte
  14. I am thinking about trying one / both of these products. Both are $200-$250. Zeno seems to attack the actual spots and the other seems to work on the overall skin/texture/color improvement. The Marvel has 3 types of light therapy, one for acne, one for discoloration and one for wrinkles) Mavel: http://shopproducts.howstuffworks.com/Marv...-1/PID-41292774 Zeno: http://www.myzeno.com/zeno.htm Anyone heard of these or tried them yet? Looking for something long term.
  15. I am so with you! My birthday wish each year is clear skin. My daughter even asked me why I have booboos on my face. How do you explain that with crying - and then wishing she does not get it too. So this won't help you, but I am going on 15 no maybe 18 years with it. But... I have been trying peels. They have made the most difference (outside of 'tane, which after the 3rd time was not working either) You might have to go to a salon, hope that is ok, and try it. I did the 21 day La Ro