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  1. Just do accutane. I have NO ZITS. My scars are almost completely healed. I got off accutane in July. Whoo hoo! Miracle drug.
  2. gotten compliments on their skin that is so so soft?
  3. Been off for about a month actually. I've had two small zits. That's about it. It is amazing to have a clear face.
  4. It's funny how rarely I come on here since I haven't had acne problems for a few months off accutane. Everyone do accutane then you don't have to worry about nastiness. It seriously works.
  5. I don't have to wash my hair every day. Sometimes I can go for three days without washing it, it's still dry and smells fine.
  6. I have the answer!!! My scars are half what they used to be and almost completely healed. I barely put any makeup on and I have 3 days left of accutane. I use Propolis from my aesthestician that speeds up the healing, so does colostrum. It's from a company called Epicuren.
  7. i did a treatment previous to accutane that made me break out like crazy so i didn't get the initial break out of accutane. just do it and have faith that accutane will work for you. best of luck.
  8. aveeno has never made me break out. i use zinc oxide sunblock from my aesthestician along with it. the best
  9. DO ACCUTANE and stay out of the sun.