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  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone here knew how to treat a minor bump left after a pimple. Its not very large and doesn't seem to have a lot of inflammatory signs. Theres also no pain to it from contact. I was just wondering if something might make it go away, thanks?
  2. you have a small laceration from a "popped" pimple?
  3. I know what you mean about the whole redness thing from using retin-a iv stopped using it and my skin still seems to be a bit redish but what you have looks like post hyper pigmentation from previous acne i had/have the same thing, you can go to a dermatologist and do chemical peels and micro dermabrations to get rid of the small red marks.
  4. I was just curious if applying 5% bp 3 times a day was too much or if twice a day is the better choice.
  5. i know what you mean about the whole mild redness thing, i did a series of facial peels which did help with the initial red marks but ever since my skin hasn't really been able to regain its original tone.
  6. thanks for the suggestion iv stopped the pads and thats helped a bit but i think the real problem is living in arizona and driving a car with no a/c.
  7. Hey I regularly use several acne products and have noticed that my skin appears to be slightly red all over, almost pinkish and was wondering if any of the following products may cause this: Gly/Sal Pads, Retin A Micro, and Benzle Peroxide
  8. I really need an alternative to those weight and protein shakes because of the high amount of iodine that is in them, are there any alternatives to this. Thanks
  9. Ok so I too have suffered with moderate acne for at least 2 years but after recently consulting a dermatologist I had gotten my acne pretty much under control (only a few white heads and maybe a mild breakout once and a while), but my real problem was the red marks left from my old acne. I tried a series of chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion, and wow you notice a difference in a very quick period of time. After about the 3rd facial peel the majority of smaller red marks were completely gone a
  10. What would be better for moderate acne? Retin-A(Night) + Benza Clin(Morning) or Benza Clin(Morning) + Benza Clin(Night)