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    Well, I like to be very social, but lately that has been kind of hard because my face has gotten much worse. I mostly like basketball, movies, and reading though.
  1. I actually used that a few years ago. I think I had about the same results as while on Proactiv, except it made my face really red. The bottom line, though, is that if you have the kind of acne that is caused internally, it won't make much of a difference.
  2. so a few days ago was the end of the first month and I feel like I am back where I started. I am still getting some cysts on my neck, although my face, for the most part, is looking clearer (but really red). I went to the derm today and she said I will probably not see results for another month or so:( I asked her why I suddenly broke out in cysts again and she said that it is genetic (even though none of my family has had it) and that something must have just triggered it. I am thinking it
  3. So yesterday was three weeks in and I am doing really well. Although my face is really read, it is almost completely clear (besides my forehead). My neck still has cysts that are sticking around, but they seem to be going away. My forehead has been getting new cysts, sadly, but I think that wearing a hat (to try to cover them ironically) has been really bad for them and irritated them. I am going to put a lot more effort in to not wearing a hat and hopefully they will be going away. As far
  4. So I am two weeks in to my treatment and things are going well. My cysts are leaving me and I have not gotten many new ones of any magnitude. I have gotten about a dozen whiteheads so far, but they have all gone away a few days after emerging. My face is still really red, but my derm told me to take less of my anti-inflammatory and to completely eliminate my anti-biotic. The side effects are not really bothering me because I am not letting them bother me. If I feel them, I just tell my body
  5. So I am a week in and so far so good. I have a few small pimples, but they are extremely small. My face is still very red, though, and my cysts have still not gone away. I have been getting blackheads, which I haven't had before, and I was wondering if those go away on their own. As for side effects, my back hurts a little, my lips are chapped, and I am tired a lot. All of those are worth it though.
  6. I hear you. Nothing I have tried has worked as well. When I was told that this was an 80% chance, I tried so hard to think that I was not in the 20%. I am taking the same stuff though, and like I said, I do not have any new acne except for some of the stuff on my face has gotten bigger (I hope it is doing that to go away). So have you noticed any difference though?
  7. I have the same thing. Mine are orange so it is tough to tell. I think there is something in there though because I have been on it four days and I have yet to get a new pimple, my back hurts, and my lips are dry. So I think mine is working. You said you were hurting a lot too, right?
  8. Thank you. Yeah, I have tried everything else. Apparently this stuff "cures" you 80% of the time! Worth a shot. Just curious, what do you use?
  9. So I just started Accutane three days ago and I guess my face looks the same. I do not know really how to describe my face, but I have huge cysts and my entire face is just red. I do not notice much of a difference, but I don't think anything new has come in. As far as side effects go, my back hurts, but I have a bad back to begin with, so I don't know if that is the meds. Also, my lips are a little dry, but nothing I can't live with. So far so good.
  10. Wow, that does not sound good at all. I was actually just paying your page a visit to see how your skin was doing because I am starting it today. I was actually just in the derm's office yesterday to get started on it and I do not remember anything about jaw pain. I have heard that lower back and joints are common, but you are the first person that has said they have jaw pain. I would see someone as soon as possible.
  11. Of course. I add anyone as my friend who helps me out on here.

  12. thanks for the add! :)

  13. Mortally is right, it is just high school. I am actually glad that I did not get with some of the girls that I wanted to in high school (my acne kind of hurt my self confidence) because I really didn't even know who I was and the person I am now would not even like those people. Just keep your head up and know that there are so many guys out there and you will eventually meet someone that you won't have to compromise any of your standards on and you will mean the world to himhttp://www.acne.or