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  1. Its not specifically bad. just 4 over is only 2.6% Just make sure your doctor is looking at your blood samples and that you are monitoring your symptoms. You can always quit half way through 8...
  2. Totally depends on your insurance. Severity is probably not the issue here. Ask your insurance company what they cover. Mine covers everything from appointments to medicine with no co-pay whatsoever and a several $million limit.
  3. I use aquaphor and find it works great. You are probably feeling better cause carmex contains an anesthetic. I"m not sure if its an effective long term lip balm I'm skeptical about carmex because it contains salicylic acid and menthol. I know that these two things aren't that great for dry skin so I was wondering if anyone could dispell the myth about how or how it doesn't work.
  4. I'd say that ruling out accutane based on previous psych history alone is erring too much on the side of caution.. you should find a psychiatrist and dermatologist that will work with you during this process if anything. Although, I didn't follow that advice and kept quiet even though I've been hospitalized several times for depression/anxiety but never suicide or any thoughts of that manner. (long story as to how that happens...stay in school kids stay in school :) )
  5. sounds like your dermatologist is retarded... I wouldn't ever expect them to say... oh lets just go down to 10mg AND give you a topical - a few derms I've talked to have told me that accutane is a "mono" treatment meaning that you only use accutane and don't combine it with anything is going to another dermatologist an option? how severe is your acne? I've heard of low-dose being just effective for some people but like 20mg, not 10. I'd suggest going to someone else for another opinion. I w
  6. exercise? Its not like you have to take it with double quarter pounder and cheese with a large fries...
  7. Hi I've had Acne since 3rd grade of elementary school. I started going to a dermatologist in 6th grade. He gave me differin. Then he gave me differin + antibiotic Then Tazorac Then Tazorac + antibiotic Then I got lazy cause I never saw clear skin, and I was never able to follow a strict regimen at that age. Went to a few more appointments during next few years but never did Taz + antibiotics for at least 6 months straight Fast Forward to 1 year ago. Go back to same dermatologist Prescri
  8. I was on Duac (5%BP) + Tazorac .1% + minocyclin and my face would be 80% clear on most days but my back was still awful. but the worst part of it was that I could feel the oil drip down my face. I knew this couldn't go on especially cause missing 1 day would mean horrible acne the next and I can't keep using topicals for the rest of my life. Went to a new doc since I moved and he told me he's prescribed accutane thousands of times and said that it would be a good option since I had been using