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  1. Nevermind! I forgot that that was how it worked. A large size eye shadow would be a waste. Maybe they used to be named differently? I don't remember. Goes to show that the foundations last for a long time since I haven't visited the EDM site for months and clearly forgot everything.
  2. I need more foundation so I checked out the special & custom kits and I noticed this: Personal Custom Kit - Full$34.00 Select any 6 full size items from the following categories: Makeup Brushes (standard) Foundations (big) Blushes & Face Colors (big) Concealers (big) Eye Colors (mini) Finishing Powders (big) Lip Gloss (large) Pressed Powders (large) natural balms (large) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total items: 6 ???? Is
  3. Another complainer here. If each birth control packet contained a considerate "acne warning" maybe we would not have chosen to take it... I had mild acne in hs (no cysts!), and I cleared up around age 17. Then when I started taking the pill at 18, new skin issues crept up on me (no longer clear, back to mild, and slowly getting worse...). And when I quit at age 21...(reason: acne) Bam, lots of cysts. (I expected this but saw no other quitting method). After reading boards like these, I d
  4. Your derm & gyn will definitely say that there is no link between the copper IUD & acne. Then again, they will also say that food has no link with acne. I have no idea whether the copper IUD does have any sort of effect on the skin, but I do know that it works by causing inflammation in the uterus. In addition, I think the link between inflammation, the immune system, and acne is very real. That being said, I do need a reliable contraceptive, so I may just have to get over my fear
  5. LadyLol


    I was 18 and finally clear from hs acne based on age. I'm guessing my oil production was finally shrinking at the time. Then I went on Alesse for contraceptive purposes and my acne slowly returned. I'm now 23 still struggling with it and I've been off of all bc pills for 1.5yrs now, eesh. Moral: don't be surprised if bc messes with your skin in a negative way (this includes the high & low androgenic options)... I'm pretty sure Alesse is med or high androgenic (as opposed to yaz, yasm
  6. go see your doc and see what he/she says. When I took Lexapro it was very effective, however I was noticeably more drowsy than I used to be. If you still feel 100% the same (and no nausea/drowsyness) perhaps you are just not taking enough. Don't take more on your own though, see what your doctor says (for all we know you might be at the max dosage and just need a completely new drug instead). Good luck! Also, exercise is great for depression & anxiety. It's very hard to force yoursel
  7. I had just assumed anything white & creamy was made with milk and avoiding it! Apparently Mayo is just oil, egg whites, vinegar and spices (mustard, tumeric, paprika). I'm so glad I found another delicious dairy-free condiment. Huzzah! I feel so silly for not realizing this sooner!
  8. I've used both EDM and C&C C&C (or generic version of C&C, its the same): Wonderful, I use two at a time, every 3-4hrs usually EDM: Also great, I use 4 at a time because they are thinner and get full of oil faster. So since they cost the same (try generic brand instead of C&C, exact same, promise) and C&C is 50/pack and EDM is 100/pack, but I use EDM at twice the rate I use C&C, for me the two are equivalent, and when I buy EDM packages I get the sheets, but otherwise
  9. Mine did that too but I found a remedy. Twist open the top and let it sit there loosely. The reduced pressure will stop pulling the sides in and allow them to fill out. I left it this way for a couple hours, came back and the bottle had it's old shape again. Hope this helps!
  10. half German, quarter English, and quarter Irish Perhaps this explains my love for beer?
  11. nooo one knows? someone has to..LOL It depends on the peel. Is your skin scabbing/red/irritated? Did the doctor/esthetician tell you not to put anything on your face for 24hrs? In the past I did not wear make-up after peels and scheduled them to be on days when I did not need to leave the house. If you were considering using EDM after a peel, I would be careful about GENTLY using the brushes to apply the makeup and then be equally gentle when you remove it later. Hope this helps.
  12. Its probably your bone structure. I dont look my weight either.
  13. I tried the no-fat diet last summer for two weeks (while still taking fish oil supplements). It was when my acne was possibly its worst ever (reason for starting diet), and during that time, i had no new spots cropping up. Since the old stuff was still healing, I was obviously still unhappy with my appearance and then from the diet I was also horribly underweight. The worst was having people ask why very skinny person is on a no-fat diet...Oy It might work b/c you are not ingesting cholester