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  1. UPDATE: my spot looks sooooooo much better!! it’s now a very small pinkish spot that i can cover with a little green concealer and my regular concealer!! if anyone else gets a spot like mine just KEEP NEOSPORIN ON IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! it changed my spot overnight and made it look so much better!! and gracie i hope your spot is looking better now!! ////daisy
  2. thank you for your response!! it has actually gotten 1000% better!!! i’ve kept neosporin on it and now it’s almost back to normal. i’m almost positive it’s not going to scab over in the middle but that’s fine because it seems to be healed. the spot has almost flattened out completely hoping in the morning it will be as good as new other than a little pink spot. i hope your spot gets better too!! my advice is to keep neosporin on it at all times and my neosporin is actually the dollar general bra
  3. thank you so much for your response!! unfortunately i can’t get out right now very snowy where i live but it’s the next morning and the spot still hasn’t really scabbed over. should i be worried?? and about how long do you think it would take to scab over and fall off?? please reply soon. also it is a little pink but still sorta textured and not scabbed in the middle just around the edges. not as white in the middle but still about the same.
  4. okay so about 4 days ago i noticed an old pimple started to come up. i saw where it sorta had a head and i went crazy on it. i tried to squeeze everything out of it and it ended up EXTREMELY RED and irritated. after reading things about picking pimples i saw where you could use apple cider vinegar so i’ve been using that along side with aloe and vaseline. it isn’t red anymore but it turned white in the middle and sorta scabbed on the edges but it looks awful. it’s down to about the 2nd layer of