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  1. Well I did drain out most of it (bleck, so gross). I don't think I would get a shot again, because usually they would just come to a head and it would pop out and drain within a week or so. Now it's like closed with a little bump underneath. I don't get cysts or anything, it was just a big zit. Now it's got some fluid underneath but not fully out, and scabby. I have some perscription antibiotic on it, but this has never happened before. I'm beyond frustrated. And I honestly had gone the majority
  2. No pitts, yet. It has shrunk, but there is not a red/white bump. How can I get rid of this? Taking another shot is out of the question for me. Will a spot treater with sacylic acid or glycolic acid bring it to a head? *now a red/white bump
  3. I just had one for a medium sized pimple. The doc gave me half the dose because i said i was very concerned about pitting. Has anybody had good/bad experience?
  4. I got a half dose cortisone shot for a bloody pussfilled sore one yesterday. It seems to be reducing in size, but is still present. I got a half shot because I was nervous about the side effects, which I was told were very rare. Has anybody here had any positive experiences with these? Should I be worried about a pitted scar? Is this likely?
  5. I'm convinced that the Neostrata Oil-Free Gel Cleanser (effective at clearing but exfoliates heavily and very drying) is actually making my skin oily-er. I've been using it for years, and it's quite effective at keeping the skin clean and clear, but I have dry, sensitive skin to begin with, and, well, I'm 29 and though a lot of my worst days are behind, I still have oily skin with big pores and mild breakouts. Any suggestions for a mild but still effective cleanser, something that wont dry too m
  6. So I have found a routine that more or less works for me, and last Friday was feeling genuinely better about a lot of things that had bothered me with my skin. And as of now the rest of my face has been clear and under control for about a month or so. But once again, I decided to pick at something that I knew I shouldn't have, and now I have this big scab that wont heal over. It's just about my upper lip, and it takes a while to heal because, of course, the skin there is always creasing and movi
  7. Don't know about accutane or problems related to it, but avene makes a great chapstick that wont cause pimples around your mouth (which i find happens with me using other brands)
  8. So I have this redmark on my nose now, its about the size of a pea, and its right at the front/middle of my nose. I feel like rudolph. I need something that will cover the mark up, and stay on, that wont cause more breakouts. I have super senstiive skin, and I have tried Almay and Clean and Clear coverup and had more breakouts. Need some brands here for a cover stick or whatever that wont clog pores or look like im wearing make up (yes im a guy i know, but still).
  9. I'm talking about the regular greens + from genuine health. It looks like it could be good for my skin and digestive system in general, the one thing im apprehensive about however is i "contains 8 non-dairy bacterial cultures containing Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria"...is this gonna cause an initial outbreak. Any users of this supplement have any experience?
  10. Yeah my ma is actually gonna pick up and mail me some clinique acne concealer (which is oil free but does not say non-comdegoenic). Im wondering if that is better (less likely to plug up pores) then the Almay which I was using (also "oil free")? Also, the breakouts (knock on wood) have been halted for now it seems, its just taking time for the big spots to heal up...like the cleanance is helping them peel which is good for healing and getting rid of the mark (i think). Its funny becasue I look a
  11. OK, what is clinique like? I need to know if its gonna cause my skin to breakout. I tried Almay's conelear for spots and I think it made things worse, causing little closed comdones. I have super super sensitive skin, so I'm wondering if this stuff is gonna cause more breakouts.
  12. So....aside from some rather critical responses does anybody have any actual useful advice (aside from don't) ha ha
  13. t-zone area, which never really gets bad. actually its really bizzare, if it werent for three specific spots that are paticularly red and large (though just marks now, not the pimple) I would be ok really...I just don't know how they got so bad and irritated (though picking and squeezing closed comdones seems to be a major no-no) Its so hard not to though!!! And I do think that Cleanance K AHA/BHA must have caused some initial irritation in areas becsaue I never ever get pimples there, really or