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  1. Hello, Acne and skin problems really confuse me. I am a social worker and work with people who have all sorts of medical problems and who are on a lot of medications. The thing is many think, as I did at one point, that one cause of acne could be congested organs such as the liver. However, I have several clients with Hepatitis C, and they all have perfect skin! I don't get that. Also, if synthetic medications are toxic, then all of my clients would have horrible skin. I don't know, I thin
  2. Hey everyone- On this site, I've always been on the diet and holistic health section. I've been dealing with acne rosacea for 3 years now and might finally give in to antibiotics. I really don't feel good about it, but I've tried changing my diet, natural remedies combined with topicals, etc, and I'm so frustrated. Anyways, if I do take this medicine (Periostat), does anyone know the dosage of probiotcs when taking antibiotics? I am also probably going to see a naturopath to help guide me
  3. Hello- I found this topic really interesting and I can use my case as an example maybe. I've had eczema recurrent since I was about 13, and for the last 6 month or so developed a red, itchy rash in the butterfly area of my face (along with acne, yay!) But, I was also breaking out sometimes in this area. One derm gave me a low grade cortisone for the eczema. I used it only a handful of times. I went to a derm on March 2nd because I still had the rash and began to break out in this area. Anywa
  4. Hi all, I've had acne for about 2 years now, I'm 26, and when it first hit I didn't know what to do and it was pretty bad. Anyways, a few months after it started I changed my whole way of eating. I pretty much taught myself through reading books. I also went to a nutritionist last week, to see if I was eating a balanced diet and thankfully she said i was. Anyways, some good authors to read are Dr. Elson Haas (an MD but practices integrative, natural medicine), Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Perric
  5. Hey everyone! Just another update. My regimen Morning: Wash face with Cetaphil (regular wash) Moisturize with Eucerin skin renewal Apply Elidel for eczema near nose, t-zone area Makeup: Apply a little bit of Almay Amazing 18 hour concealer Clinique #4 Powder Night: Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser Moisturize with Cetaphil Lotion Apply Elidel to eczema Aloe Vera Gel on dark marks This has been working well for me. I realized through all of this that my skin is sensi
  6. Hey everyone! Haven't been here in a while. Here's the latest. My regimen: Morning 1) Cetaphil cleanser 2) Apple cider vinegar (50/50 water) 3) Eucerin skin renewal (THE BEST!) Evening 1) Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser (10% BP) 2) Cetaphil Moisturizer 3) Lily of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel 99%all over face I dropped the C and C Blackhead Clearing Scrub after a week because it made me break out and dried me out, switched to Cetaphil. I used to use Neutrogena Healthy Skin in
  7. Hey all- I just got my period so I broke out as usual- about 4 zits, not huge but annoying. It's funny because when the acne started, it was the right side of my face only, then my forehead, and now its always the left side! No more forehead breakouts and occasional right side breakouts. The bc pill makes my acne worse, so I am looking at vitamins to help. The week after my period, my skin is fine, I wish it would last! :sad: Just trying to be patient. The BP cleanser is making my skin
  8. Hey everyone- The aloe vera gel is really amazing! It really works for my red marks and it feels great. I am using Lily of the Earth 99% gel that I bought at Whole Foods Market. It's probably the fastest working product I've bought with this whole acne saga. My skin is pretty used to the BP wash at this point, still some dryness. Using BP only in certain areas, and when I don't use it, I break out But I am feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time. Most of the research I've been
  9. Hi I had the same redness problem for about 6 months and what has reduced it dramatically is 1)drinking tons of water everyday and 2)cutting out almost all sugar and eating very healthy. I wasn't sure why my face was so red but the derm said it was the acne and i was suprised because even though i wasn't breaking out where it was red, it was considered acne anyway. It could also be the products you are using. But do drink lots of water because that will surely help. B) Mandy
  10. I went on an m and m binge a few days ago and ended up with 2 new pimples. But when I ate a whole crapload of ice cream, nothing. I really don't know what o think anymore!
  11. Hey all- I don't keep track of my new regimen too carefully, but here's the latest. I am definitely one of those women with hormonal acne- the week before I get my period I break out- and Botchla's didn't really prevent it, but made only a little better. If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with hormonal acne other than the birth control pill(which makes my acne worse) I'd appreciate it. So far so good,my only concern is all the marks I have since I started breaking out last fall.Ahhhh.
  12. Hey I know what you mean. This is a really helpful site, but for me I think it adds to my obsessiveness sometimes. Good luck to you. Mandy
  13. From what I've read and in this order, wine, liquor and then beer could aggravate acne. I saw this based on the acid/alkaline diet and also from The acne presrciption by Perricone