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  1. im so happy for you!! i just started accutane like last week....so i got a long way to go!! btw...lookin GOOD ;D

  2. Well done on becoming acne free :D

    I hope u feel much better too!!

  3. I am just about to finish month 4 going on month 5.... My skin is completely clear- aside from redness and scarring... I have had VERY VERY little breakout throughout the whole treatment... I have been on 40 and 60 mg dosages a day and my favorite by far was the 60mg. It worked best and I never broke out even on my period... I would reccomend this to any acne sufferer...and hang in there... results take time! Peace and love... God bless, Amber
  4. I am beginning month 4 and my skin looks and feels great....it is sooo smooth and almost clear- I say almost because I still have a few scars....I have like NOOO active acne at all and day by day I need less and less makeup to cover it up... PLEASE!!! if you are skeptical or thinking of taking accutane- talk with your derm! It is incredible... the only promise that us girls have to make it to stay ABSTINANT or at lease use strict forms of protection if sexually active... Accutane is a miracl
  5. I am finding that i have small whiteheads (?) chin area and above lip and my skin is starting to flake... can I exfoliate?
  6. I am on day 51 and I havnt experienced any form of a breakout....I am finally clearing up and i am looking better every day...my face only seems to break out (like one or maybe 2 small ones) just that one time a month...I am experiencing a lot of redness but no other symptoms....please feel free to ask me anything about my treatment thus far...God Bless and merry christmas y'all!!
  7. It is now day 35 and I am pretty much clear...the biggest side effect is redness in my cheeks and forhead...not too much drying--BUT: I now do need daily moisturizer...and aquafer is becoming a necesity...I am doing great so far...I am so happy with the results...I cant wait to keep improving...
  8. Still not experiencing any new activity...my old ones have healed over night all I have is scarring...I love ACCUTANE!!!! It is clearing my skin soo fast...my breakouts go away quickly...this is great...
  9. I also have experienced more drying of the face, than lips...I think that it is a kind of normal thing..nothing to worry about-just moisturize with somthing that works for you! I am just loving this...since I started back onto my second month of pills- my skin is beginning to clear again... I HAVE A QUESTION: because my derm increased my dosage to 60mg a day instead of 40mg...does my skin have the potential to break out more now to adjust to the increase??
  10. I am beginning the second month of tane...I havnt experienced anything major yet at all...from what I hear the first month is soposed to be the worst, well then my worst may be over?? but we will see...I am seriously loving this....my skin is doing great--NOT perfect..but look better than it has in awhile...I am excited for clear skin...I will update very soon on my progress...
  11. I'm going to start my second month of pills today...so far its great! I am super excited for more improvment...I am not really experiencing a breakout yet...
  12. Went to the derm yesterday for my second packet of pills...the only thing is there were no pharmacies around here that had it in stock that day so I have to wait till monday...that takes me to 3 days without the tane...so you think that will be ok?? any advice please... ALSO--my derm said that the first month is the worst and that I should gradually keep improving now...I am sooo excited...16 weeks to go... WOOHOO!! She increased my dosage to 30 MG twice a day...sooo that means 420 MG a week..
  13. Pill 30... One month down...4 more to go....I am loving the results so far--YES, my skin is really dry.... and--YES, I still breakout here and there....--BUT, the breakouts are so easy to treat and they go away fast...so I am able to cover up with makeup...I have heard the first month is the worst and if this is my worst-- I can deal with it just fine! It should be smooth sailing from here...but we will just have to see..time will tell...my hopes are high...I just try to keep my head up...
  14. Day 29... I have 2 active ones on my whole face at the moment...I am thinking that this is the start of the breakout maybe?? I am just hoping that it goes away for the hollidays...I want to be ME again! I am praying this is my chance...please tell me that this has the ability to change lives...I am scared to death that even this, the most powerful acne drug, wont work...I am 18 and praying that this is it for me... any advice?? and about when does the IB go away...anthing would be very helpful