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  1. Who is the doctor and what did you have done?
  2. Goddess420


    Hi there! We’re you burned? How did this happen? I just got halo bbl later on my chest and was burned in the middle and really worried it will do this. For now the skin is all healed but it’s very red/pink
  3. You go girl! Excited to watch your journey, im doing similar with dr. Rullan in future. It’s going to look amazing at the end! Good luck
  4. I have these as well. Sucks it looks like another scar now not sure what to think about it.. @f93d holy shit!!! I just looked at the beginning of the post of your first pics! Your skin looks soooooo much better! WOW! All your scars have smoothed out and not sharp anymore. Your going to have smooth beautiful skin soon! Such an inspiration!!
  5. No I wasn’t using any topical. I just tried using aczone for 3 weeks nothing happened. I’ve never been a big fan of topicals. Honestly I’m not sure why my skin cleared up for 2 months and now looks like shit again with nothing changing. Either my hormones are just too fucked up and I cannot balance them no matter what natural supplements I take or my skin is just too sensitive & I have a problem with my sebaceous glands. I don’t know why my hormones would be so fucked up. I am a healthy wom
  6. Hey girl so it turns out none of this stuff has worked for me and I am starting accutane round 2 slash 3 again. These things helped, but I was never fully clear for longer than a couple weeks. but 2 weeks ago for my 30th birthday I had a massive breakout out of no where multiple cysts on bth sides of my chin/mouth and they have continued to come. Nothing in my routine has changed. So fucking over this I can’t live this way. Resorting to accutane again. Happy birthday to me. Girl I feel u I a
  7. I’m debating between spiro and second round accutane. I took spiro 2 years ago ,for four months and it didn’t do anything but make my acne worse. My Derm says to give it another try. Accutane has been the only thing that cleared me for 2 years. So confused and sad. I have scars. I hate my skin;(/
  8. I just got my first subscision done in early February and I have a new scar on my cheek from the entry of the needle. I’m super bummed about it. It looks like a shallow hole / pock mark and you can see it in the particular lighting that shows all your scars. ;(
  9. I also take a supplement called DHT block, I take 4 a day. It blocks my extra high androgens which contribute to my acne. So I’m also hormone balancing. I think the 2 in conjunction with each other has really cleared me. But yes it’s differernt for you because your a man and I’m not sure how men’s hormones affect acne. Can you have too high testosterone (like women have) that causes acne? I’m not sure... But it’s def worth a try u might need more than me bc your a guy, also maybe look into
  10. Lots of things you could do. I would visit a plastic surgeon of the face, not just a dermatologist. If you can find a plastic surgeon who also specializes in skin. I live in SF and I’m going to see Dr. Corey Maas, who is plastic surgeon specializing in skin. There are so many things you can do now to change/enhance your appearance, if something is bothering you change it! Don’t let it hold you back from being confident and living your best life! Happy new year!
  11. Wow your scars look so much better! Amazing! On your way to healed beautiful skin!
  12. Hi! It’s hard to really answer that question. My acne is located only on the lower part of my face, mostly around the lower sides of my mouth/chin. Also on jawline. (Which this type of acne on woman is considered “hormonal”) Forehead and cheeks always usually clear. It’s also deep big red nodules that last for a long time. I pretty much had new acne forming consistently around the whole month of my cycle. I never noticed any particular pattern there. I did get my hormonal levels tested via
  13. Yes it will be fine jojoba oil is just one pure ingredient —jojoba oil. All the same and is noncomedogenic
  14. Ur acne looks very surface level which is a good thing means it’s probably easily treatable. U have a good amount of blackheads that I want to squeeze for you LOL JK but I would def recommend going to a facialist and paying for a series of monthly facials for a few months so she can consistently clean and extract all that bacteria out of your pores. Also I would watch your diet. You might want to try eliminating dairy? Meaning all cows milk and cows milk products butter etc. second,
  15. I also wash my face with jojoba. It takes off all my makeup perfectly & is gentle on eyes. After wiping it all off, sometimes I will wash again with a light cleanser. Jojoba has never made me break out I love it
  16. This stuff works. I take 1 tsp of the plain fermented oil & mix in rice milk every night and swallow it down. My red inflamed chronic cystic acne cleared in 2 weeks and has stayed clear for 2 months now.. it’s a miracle and I just ordered 2 more bottles cinnamon flavor from the website. Everyone may need a different dose so if it’s not working, titrate up 1/2 tsp but start small & work your way up.
  17. Hi! I am taking it and it cleared my acne. I started with a very small amount each night for a week and slowly titrated up. It’s important your body get used to the product bc it is powerful. I would have never just started taking at 2 tsp a day. It’s too much at once for your body and that could be a bad reaction. Start slowly up to 1 tsp. There is such a thing as too much vitamin a for your body
  18. Spiro did not work for me I gave it the 3/4 months that everyone recommends and I felt it made my acne worse. If it hasn’t worked in this long I don’t think it will. The fact it affected your period is really bad. I would def get off. I just wrote a post about fermented cod liver oil. It cleared my persistent cystic hormonal acne. Read it if you like good Luck!
  19. Hey lady iv seen you post around here for a while now through my research of trying to find a cure. Have u tried fermented cod liver oil from green pastures? It really cleared me. I just made a post about it which u can read if u like.
  20. THIS STUFF WORKS YALL!!!!! Fermented Cod Liver Oil from a company called Green Pastures. Oil not the capsules. I am 29 year old female and have been battling chronic cystic acne around the sides of my mouth & chin & jaw line for years. Red, deep, painful, itchy nodules that rarely come to a head and would just stay on my face for weeks and scar. I have tried everything: accutane 2x, spiro, antibiotics, topicals, retain a, Benz peroxide, steroid shots, EXTENSIVE vitamins (al
  21. I am a 29 yo woman and I had acne in the same places as you around the sides of my mouth/chin. It was red inflamed deep cystic nodules lasting weeks leaving scars. I take 1tsp/night of fermented cod liver oil by a company called green pastures. My acne has totally cleared within 1-2 weeks. I’ve stayed clear and just ordered 2 more bottles! It’s a miracle. You may have to play with the doses and slowly titrate up because maybe u need more than 1tsp to clear, maybe less. Every day. I’m going to po
  22. Hey guys so my acne came back and the probiotics did not work. It is not the cure! But I found a real cure from trying everything under the sun and it is Fermented Cod Liver Oil from a company called Green Pastures. I am going to make a separate post about it so anyone reading this go find my other post about the fermented oil it is a miracle for me! I am have been researching probiotics as well and came to your post. I am a 15 year old male, suffered a really bad break out in Novem
  23. Try fermented cod liver oil by a company called green pastures. It’s amazing and cleared my cystic acne. I have been through everything as you. I’m going to post my story now so u can read it. Research it!
  24. Hey girlie I’m just wondering how you got your blood tests done for the hormones. I have read th blood tests don’t show accurately bc as women our hormone levels fluctuate so much through the month that we should get tested a few times through the cycle. It’s expensive! I live in San Francisco too so if ther is a certain way to do it that you recommend that would be helpful!