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  1. Hey girlie I’m just wondering how you got your blood tests done for the hormones. I have read th blood tests don’t show accurately bc as women our hormone levels fluctuate so much through the month that we should get tested a few times through the cycle. It’s expensive! I live in San Francisco too so if ther is a certain way to do it that you recommend that would be helpful!
  2. Hi Everyone! I wanted to share on here to hopefully help some people because throughout the years I have googled over and over to find tips and advice. And i found my cure by way of the internet so hopefully the word spreads and this starts helping people! History: I am 28 year old female, I have had acne since puberty middle school. It started around my entire face, forehead, cheeks, chin. At 23 I took my first 8 month course of Accutane. It was amazing. My side effects were not bad, just the usual. It cleared everything up and my skin was absolutely beautiful for 2 years. I barely even had to wash my face and I never got a zit. After the 2 years, my acne slowly started coming back but more on the lower part of my face on my chin and sides of my mouth. And it was more cystic. So larger nodules under the skin that would not come to a head for a few days. And they were big and red and sore. I tried to ignore it but it got worse and worse. By the time I was 26/27 it was SO bad. And it was all focused on the 2 lower side area of my chin below my mouth. I also was getting big cysts on my jaw line as well. And some times huge ones on my neck or a few clumping on my neck that wouldn't go away for a few weeks. These were all big, underground cystic pimples, red, sore, sometimes they would itch. And they would also leave scars. Sometimes indented scars and always always red hyper pigmentation. Also my acne never totally cleared. Maybe there was one day when a cluster of pimples had finally gone down (but my skin was still completely red & inflamed in the area) and no new ones were rising up, but the next day a new one was forming and I could feel it under my skin. And there were no certain times of the month for me , it was constant. I would cry over it. I had to put tons of make up, I was embarrassed infront of my boyfriends. My skin was bumpy and rippled and I had deep scars. And I couldn't believe at 28 years old i was STILL dealing with this problem. BTW up until this point I had tried everything in my acne history: antibiotics, topical creams, Spironolactone (which made me break out worse the whole 4 months I was on it) all face washes, face brush, retin-a, switched to all natural clean toothpaste, changing pillow cases every couple days, pulling hair away from face, cleaning phone, mixtures of vitamins, eliminated dairy, chocolate from my diet, cleaned up my diet, green diet, gone to facialists, had my hormones tested (which they were all normal and fine) blue light treatments, cortisone shots, peels, accutane EVERYTHING. I had tried everything. I went to demo and all she could offer me was Accutane. I didn't want to but I didn't want to keep living like this. So I tried it again round 2. I was only on for 1 month and towards the second half of the month my hair started falling out right in the front of my head where my part started. I started getting a bald patch. My eyelashes also fell out and I started getting darker skin on my mustache area. I was also feeling very depressed and down. So I stopped the accutane on the last day of the month and I was determined to find another way. So I did a TON of research and found a blog at frivolousgirl.com Super good and lots of info and loved seeing her pictures. Her acne was in a different location than mine, but I still figured I would try her suggestions. At this point I had nothing to lose. It couldn't get much worse and I as not going back to accutane. So I bought Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics I take one pill first thing when I wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. I have a sensitive stomach and this is very gentile and does not upset me at all. I try to wait a little after before I eat breakfast, but sometimes I don't have time, so thats okay too. I have been on for 45 days, (so 45 pills out of the 60) and my skin has cleared up SO MUCH. RESULTS: My skin has never looked so good! My cystic acne has completely cleared up. And the redness can finally calmed down and cleared because there is not constantly new break outs forming as soon as the others go away. The type of my pimples has changed too. If I do get a pimple, it is smaller, and has a little head (more like a zit) and gone in a few days. It doesn't go deep down underneath the skin and hurt like the cysts did. I am SO HAPPY!!!! I literally ask my mom and brother to look and check it out because I cannot believe the results myself and I am so happy and proud to finally have clearing skin. Please do yourself a favor and BUY THE PROBIOTICS. Its totally affordable for a 2 month supply and there is nothing in these that can harm you only help you. So if it doesn't clear your acne, then I'm sure its going to help with your digestion or your daily deification or whatever. I think these can just help your body balance out whatever bad bacteria you have going on inside you that is manifesting itself outside your body and in my case through the lower part of my skin on my face. The girl in the blog said she only did a 2 month supply and then was cleared, but I think I am going to buy another box and do another 2 months because I think these can only help and I really want to cleanse my gut. Anyways hope this helps you all! Blessings!!!