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  1. Hey there =D How are you? I added you to MSN! So I've been busy and now I'm sick, so that's why you haven't heard from me >.< I hope it's not the Flu T_T I ache all over and my throat's killing me! I hate it. But anyways, I hope you're doing well =D Tty when I'm better lol Take Care =)

  2. heyy lexiii.. how is your sunday going?.. sorry I don't respond on MSN earlier. I was out watching my little cousin.. hah

  3. No way! From the few times i've talked to you, you seem very nice. You don't deserve anything bad at all
  4. now I am the one who is bored and saying hi.. haha.. how'd your night go?

  5. haha.. everyone always makes fun of me when I go I bring meatless "meat" to a dinner

  6. pick up some lubriderm and kleenex while you're there.
  7. Yes, but you must add olives, cheese, onions, and a dash of salt.
  8. I know how you feel. I push a lot of girls away these days because I feel as if i'm hiding something from them as they havent seen the marks, and scars on my body from acne.
  9. to get MSN you just download from here.. http://get.live.com/messenger/overview .. once you have MSN Live downloaded you just make up an account. I'm suprised you don't have MSN.. pretty much the whole population of Canada does.. haha.. I guess you crazy americans use AIM though :P

  10. sounds like you had a killer weekend.. I wish I spent all my money on beer.. haha.

    umm.. in Toronto for fun I guess we probably do the same stuff as in NYC. I live downtown Toronto so I just get wasted and walk around and find something going on, or just go to a bar or something. There are some pretty good clubs if you are into that scene.

  11. heyyy lexi :)

    how is your weekend going?

    mines ridiculously boring as I spent every last cent in my account on a guitar.. so I have no money to go out with until next pay day.. lol

    anyways.. you need to get MSN so we can chat :P

  12. btw.. i'm adding you to MSN.. hah