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  1. Hey guys, I have decided to give zinc supplement a chance since I've been breaking out really badly and have terrible acne scars. I heard many good experiences from people who have tried zinc. However, I also consume around 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per day for roughly a few months now and don't know whether it would be harmful if I suddenly incorporate zinc into my regimen. Any information would be helpful, thanks! This is the zinc that I purchased, anyone has it before? If so, how
  2. My skin is nowhere near perfect but lately I got a nice control over it. I still do get pimples but they aren't as many as before which basically made me extremely happy in this past month. A pimple which wasn't even a full head appeared on my face out of nowhere yesterday and it was right above my lips. For some stupid reasons I thought that it was ready to be popped. I hate my habit of skin picking . I attempted to squeeze the pus out. THe first time I got nothing, tried it the second time a
  3. I spoke too soon on my limited experience with AVC. After about a month into the regimen, my skin begins to pick up and gets a whole lot better. I did break out badly on the first few weeks into the AVC and even thought about giving up. However, I stick it out and am very please with the result. I only apply AVC to my face as a toner once at night for about 10-15 minutes then wash it off. Then continue with my usual skin care regimen which includes BP gels and a thin layer of AHA +. My skin is n
  4. Holy cow! 10 teaspoons of ACV is way too much! Undiluted apple cider vinegar can damage the esophagus and other parts of the digestive tract. 2-3 tsp is enough! It sounds like you are experiencing more pros than cons with the ACV, maybe your body doesn't agree with it. Maybe try a smaller dose as a spot treatment instead of of a full on toner, so that it doesn't touch new areas of your face (ie: forehead) and possibly cause zits. Good luck! :) Thanks for the reply. I was reading through
  5. Hello, I've been suffering from backne for years, now I occasionally get a few spots on my back here and there but nothing major. What worry me is all the scars left from all the pimples. They never seem to go away. Same happens with my upper arms. They are covered with all these pumps that I think aren't acnes, but rather something else, especially on the back of my upper arms. Addition to this, all the brown spotted scars haven't faded in years. I mean I don't get acne on my arms anymore, may
  6. Hello, guys Just a few questions regarding the apple cider vinegar regimen: I've been using it for a few days now (apply topically every night and drinking 10 teaspoons each day) and it does make my skin smoother (was very flaky when I first started) but also causes my face to be more oily. But let's put that aside, my main concern is that my nose has blackheads that weren't there before ever since I started the regimen. I mean , before there are a lot of pores on my nose but not that much of
  7. I think you might be right. I'll just stop using AHA completely and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply. Also I have recently purchased the jojoba oil and been wondering whether I should use it in place of the moisturizer? Would it work better than cetaphil or petrolium jelly (vaseline)? This product is in the regimen on your signature so I'm just curious on how well it work? Initially I purchased the jojoba oil because it has so many uses to it but now that I have it, I'm a bit reluctant to s
  8. Hello guys, I've been using Dan's products for months now, 5 to be exact and so far it has been working really well at clearing up my skin. It's not until recently that I encountered some reactions to the products. I am using AHA in place of moisturizer after BP gels and haven't had any problem with it. Usually I also dab some more of AHA onto dark spots on my face which were resulted from previous active pimples. This is where the problem come in. These dark spots gradually formed these really
  9. I couldn't find any Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar anywhere. All I could find is Rice Vinegar, would it also work for this regimen? Or should I use Apple Cider Vinegar? Anyone care to share their progress with the ACV?
  10. Actually noone has said any really mean about my skin condition, up until recently when I got a new job. My boss is an old guy and you know how old people gets. Whenever I come to work, he would always come toward me and says something along the line of "What happened to your face? Do you wash it everyday? you use cleanser? medication? etc.." I feel annoyed but politely reply "Yes, I do have cleanser at home and I use it everyday. And I've also tried every medication out there" Then he would say
  11. Thanks for your helpful information. I received the DKR in the mail today and quite excited Though I do have a question to ask: We all know that the regimen is to be used twice a day (night and day) which means the medications are to be on our faces at all time right? Well, I have work in the morning and I'm afraid the BP would clog my pores while I'm out in the hot and sunny weather. My face tends to get very oily while I'm at work. Has anyone here tried using the regimen just for night and h
  12. Read through the first 4 pages of this thread and saw how many of you are raving about this sudocrem, I went straight to eBay and has ordered a tube. I've also ordered Dan's Regime after reading so many successful stories, so I'm just making sure that I'm clear on all the steps: we all know that DKR is to be applied twice a day right? Do I just put on the sudocrem at night only? And this sudocrem is the last step after the moisturizer right? Would really apprecite any help! I've been a moder
  13. Good luck and don't worry too much, I'm sure you'll do great at the interview. Let us know how it goes!