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  1. I am on a combination of retina and duac, and it is amking my skin really flaky but oily at the same time what do i do? oh and how do i exfoliate?
  2. The flaky scale monster or also known as my face has been bothering me, I was wondering how I would be ablt to exfoliate since im on retina micro and the duac topical gel. my skin has gotten really flaky even though I moisturize twice a day. How do I get rid of the existing dead skin on my face? sorry if i posted in the wrong place.
  3. I was wondering if the blotting sheets that you can use to absorb oil will take of your acne meds when you use them? Because I bought some and im afraid to use it if it. Because I don't want to waste my meds by rubbing it off with the sheets, help?
  4. heres what mine looks like but it gets worse as you get down to the hands. Its so embaressing
  5. ok i found out i have Keratosis Pilaris what do i do to treat it its there any type of medicine or lotions to take care of it plz i need help!
  6. i found out its Keratosis Pilaris
  7. no its kinda like chicken skin.
  8. Ok i have these goosebump looking things on my arms and thighs that wont go away i have them even when im not cold?they are like a reddish purple and are all on my arms and the back of my arms. ...What is it???
  9. Have I screwed up my skin? D; The first pic is when I first stared my acne regimen and the second one is now...as you can tell my face is enflamed and peeling.But my acne has kinda cleared up.Am I doing something wrong? I have been on the prescriptions for about 3.5 monthes Im Taking Retin-a micro And the Duac topical gel.plz help
  10. Ok i have these two bumps on my nose its not red or irritated.I dont know what to do or what they are? What should i do?
  11. Well heres my regimen I have been useing it for like 3 months and it seems to work. Morning: ~Dove sensitive skin soap. ~Stridex sensitive skin wipes. ~Eucerin moisturizer. ~Clean and clear cover stick. Night: ~Dove sensitive skin soap. ~Stridex sensitive skin wipes. ~Eucerin moisturizer. New Products: ~Clean and clear deep action cream cleanser. ~Apricot scrub. I stopped using the apricot scrub because it just made my acne worse.