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  1. Those of us revisiting this thread once again for answers, for a product that works, for another human to relate, we all have one thing in common. We suffer daily, or once monthly, or for the lucky ones once a year. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your breakouts we all know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. The thing is when you make the choice to go out the door in the morning and face the day, you have just made a very important choice whether you realize it
  2. Acne has been a huge struggle of mine for so many years. I've been ant-medication for seven years and I finally couldn't take it anymore. I tried antibiotics (doxycycline) which luckily for me would work for a few months. Every time I cleared up and stopped taking antibiotics my acne would come right back! If you are currently struggling I feel your pain. People on reddit and YouTube have helped me with my confidence and pain. We must all support each other because users in this thread all have
  3. I started Accutane almost a week ago and I have been documenting my journey everyday!Don't let the terrible pain your in get in the way of you seeking treatment.I used to hide inside and never want to leave the house because of how painful and embarrassing my skin was!Now I've taken action in the battle against my acne and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.Of course, Accutane was my LAST resort and I do not recommend any one with one pimple to go running to their dermatologist ready t