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  1. You’re young; you’ve plenty of time on your hands to get it sorted. Stick with it! And make sure you come back and show us the improvements! -Roddy
  2. Theme park. I enjoy operating the rides but being in close quarters with the public means thousands of people see you up close. -Roddy
  3. It seems such a long time ago since I had no acne, I didn’t appreciate my skin enough back then. I’ll never see those days again. -Roddy
  4. I know what you’re going through, I’m in the same situation. I’ve been off the accutane for a few months now and I’m breaking out all over my face. It annoys me how so many people say that accutane is the ‘cure’ and it got my hopes up so much before I started the treatment. Plus the 5 months on the tane were tough times, all of that time/money/abuse to my body was a waste of time because I still have acne too! I know your pain, stay positive -Roddy
  5. Roddy

    my demons.

    me again
  6. Hang in there matt. I’m sure accutane will fix you right up. I’ve just finished my course of accutane after 4 months and the biggest improvements were seen later in the course, maybe around the 3rd month. I’ve got a gallery on here somewhere and it shows how well accutane worked for me, even though I still get spots nowadays there not as bad. Remember keep smiling. -Roddy
  7. 10 weeks plus! don't expect miracles straight away The first few weeks were pretty tough and my acne actually got worse. Although everybody experiences accutane differently and for the lucky few improvements are noticeable straight away. good luck -Roddy
  8. I never cry about my acne (usually) but when I’m in bed I have time to reflect how bad my life/acne is. -Roddy
  9. I think that a mirror phobia comes naturally with acne! We all want to look good! I always turn the bathroom mirror around so I don’t have to look at myself, so yeah I’ve got a mirror phobia -Roddy
  10. If you want to carry on your ‘healthy lifestyle’ then stay off the medication for such trivia problems. Sounds like you lack confidence -Roddy
  11. The only person I can remember having acne before me was my older sister. Anyways I guess I followed the same genetic path as her. -Roddy
  12. I’m starting to feel like i'm the only person who comes on here because I don’t go out and have much of a social life. -Roddy
  13. From personal experience Oxytetracycline doesn’t work don’t waste your time with it unless your acne is very mild. I hadn’t taken any drugs before Oxytetracycline so I couldn’t of built up a resistance. -Roddy p.s good luck!
  14. Thanks Elsa and Lydia means a lot. Unfortunately I’m spending the night in. -Roddy
  15. You are both post count whores! This was a serious post don’t make joke when its not needed -Roddy
  16. Hi everyone, I’ve been here for ages but never posted before (if you ever look to see whose online I’m sure you’d see me!) Anyways just thought I’d come out the shadows and have a bit of a rant. I’ve suffered from acne for just over 2 years and been to the doctors so many times I’ve lost count. The thing that bothers me about doctors is they think you’ve got all the time in the world to try out every single drug under the sun and put you on them for 6 months at a time. About 2 years ago th