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  1. I wonder to what extent the value of the results is diminished due to the survey not discriminating between acne severity nor tane dosages...
  2. Would you mind explaining actually? I am about three weeks in and have started clogging the shower drain with clumps of hair recently. I may just be paranoid due to never having shed whatsoever prior to accutane, but my hair seems thinner already. Would it help if I shave off my relatively long hair? If I stop using hair products?
  3. I don't know if its of any help, but I never had any before Accutane either. Now there are two beautifully big things similar to what you describe on my forehead. One of them seemed ready to be popped last night so out it came - it was actually kinda neat to see that it was comprised of blood more than anything else... especially since it all came shooting out as it must have been quite pressurized. The only difference is that mine weren't and still aren't sore whatsoever.
  4. Would going to Hawaii over winter break be a big no-no?
  5. It depends on your skin, but I wouldn't worry, so far I've picked at stuff much more serious than a whitehead while on Accutane - and no prominent scarring or whatever so far.
  6. Day 12 for me! Apart from nosebleeds to start the course and some fairly mild dryness of lips, the side effects aren't too bad at all. I have a litte triange of three healing lesions that I picked at on my forehead, but other than that, no active acne. The red marks aren't going away as they normally would, but I am fairly content with the way things are going so far.
  7. Now that I come down to it, its a tad scary. How deep do you guys go?
  8. Just begining day 8 for myself. I don't know if I would call it an initial breakout, but I am looking a tad worse than usual. I ran out of the compound medication my old derm had me on before I found a new derm that was willing to prescribe me accutane, so I am reduced to to using a very old + expired tube of Clindoxyl (clindamycin + benzoil peroxide) as a topical. My skin is starting to have trouble handling it, so I am mainly applying it to less sensitive parts of my face and using it as sp
  9. I wouldn't consider it wise, but if you suspect that you won't pass your blood exam, you could always get a "healthy" person to submit a sample under your name.
  10. Yesterday, that is my 5th day on Accutane, I got my first (rather insignificant) nosebleed. Mind you I am dealing with cold/flu symptoms, so me blowing my nose violently for the duration of the day may have played into it. Anyways, I was wondering if those who experience nosebleeds on Accutane have any tips for preventing or minimizing them?
  11. Your derm is likely to give you some written information on accutane to read at home. Whether you get accutane straight away really depends on your derm's outlook on the drug. You could be prescribed something else (ie a compound medication tailored to your problem) to see if he can bring your acne before he/she is willing to administer accutane or your derm may be more enthusiastic about giving you accutane than you are about taking it. If both parties agree to go the accutane route, the sta
  12. Well I just ordered a giant bottle of emu oil via eBay purely on the basis of this here thread - it doesn't sound like the most pleasant of products so it sure as hell better work!