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  1. i've been on a variety of antibiotics over the past few years for acne, and i can say that doxycycline was hands down my least favorite. it didn't seem to be very effective when i was on it, and even after carefully weaning off i suffered a breakout after discontinuing use. i had a similar experience with minocycline, but it was still preferable to doxycline -- i experienced a ton of nausea on it, especially if i didn't eat.
  2. sorry it took me so long to respond! to answer your question, i do think i've seen an improvement since i stopped taking the antibiotics. i'm still breaking out a little bit, but it feels like it's under control. i think birth control might just take longer to work for some people. glad things seem to be going well for you! what's paula's choice? i always see it on these boards but i've never looked into it. i've always used aveeno products. i always feel tempted to use the neutrogena stuf
  3. i'm also on yaz. i've been on it for five months, and for the first four i was also on doxycycline 100mg twice a day. after those four months i was really frustrated by a lack of results - it seemed like my skin was just getting worse. so i called my gynecologist, who told me that antibiotics interact with birth control and can decrease its effectiveness. though doctors don't agree on this (i've heard a lot of different opinions) and studies are inconclusive, doxycycline is listed as one of the
  4. I am in a very similar situation, only I'm on differin (i'm not sure how this ranks in relation to retin-A, but I think they're similar). I've been using it for about 11 weeks now, and while my skin looks amazing - more even toned, tightened, radiant - it's still breaking out constantly and i'm really frustrated with my lack of progress. anyway i know this isn't helpful at all, but i really sympathize with you. hopefully the breakouts will stop sometime soon.
  5. bactrim works like any other antibiotic prescribed for acne (though it is sulfa based and not a tetracycline-derivative) - it is no faster, "better" or more effective than any other, no matter what you read on these boards. i feel inclined to tell you this because i used bactrim over the summer to clear up a severe case of cystic acne, and after i had it prescribed to me i surfed these boards forever, reading these ridiculous testimonials from people who claimed to have seen major results in jus
  6. amelia468


    not to be unsupportive, but i have to agree with the person above. your scars are barely visible (if they're even there at all), and you should take a look around these boards before you call yourself "disfigured."
  7. i've actually had really amazing results from aveeno clear complexion facewash pads - i think it's something about the exfoliating quality of the cotton pads, but it's been pretty remarkable. i've had persistent red marks for a few months now and i saw improvement in about a week.
  8. i visit this site every so often and i always look at your progress; it's unbelievable! your skin looks great and in another month or two i bet you won't even be able to guess what your skin's been through.
  9. thank you for posting this. i have a bunch of (not very deep, but visible) pitted scarring, only on one cheek, and i've been looking all over these boards for a procedure that might work for me. but all i've found so far is horrifying after photos of people who had laser stuff done. frankly i can't afford for my face to be flushed/hypersensitive/covered in scabs for three months, so i'm glad someone's seen results just by leaving it alone. my derm. also told me that the flaking i sometimes expe
  10. *MOD EDIT* - women who aren't able to have children have hormones, too. in the same vein, "sterilizing" yourself does not mean the doctors would remove your homones, only the relevant reproductive organs.
  11. have you ever tried bactrim? it's a sulfa antibiotic. my acne looked exactly like yours two months ago, but bactrim seems to have gotten it under control. i've tried everything except accutane.