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  1. Hi @MyStyle196 DO NOT LOSE HOPE. Nothing is worth your health and honestly your scars are not even that bad.!!! it may feel like that because of the isotretinoin causing redness, initial breakout..once it smooths out you will notice a big difference in your skin and there are sooo many scar treatments out there i am positive will improve the appearance. There is an interesting thread on here i follow that has come along way check out below. Like you said you will need at least a year to start l
  2. What do you think? This might be off the topic alittle and I apologize but all of you have such amazing knowledge of the skin, I would like your opinion :) I had two lesions on my face removed 3 months ago due to a rare condition.while it’s healed for the most of it the “lines”it’s created are still abit red/brown and texture uneven..I was thinking of trying Retin A to help speed up skin turnover..while I understand my scarring will never go away my question is do you guys think it’s too early t
  3. That’s great Ravi, happy you are seeing improvements..I’ve been thinking about getting this product for old indented scars.look forward to seeing before/after ..the photos on their website are just incredible it’s hard to believe..thanks for the feedback :)
  4. Hi Ravi you just posted on the scarless healing forum about this product but I thought to reply to you here..you mentioned u are seeing improvements ? What type of scarring do you have? Is it actually scarring or PIH? (Sorry if u have answered this question in a previous post )..Thanks!:)
  5. Thanks for the information! Are you taking other supplements with this as well?
  6. HI @Varial Thank you and agree this forum is amazing and everyone is always so helpful. If it wasnt for this forum i would still be wondering what i have and be in an endless cycle of non-responsive treatments. I do agree you only have one spot so if it was to be surgically removed they could send it to the lab for testing just so you know what it was. Completely understand about scarring, i have some mild acne scars and did not want to add more. I waited 6 months before making the dec
  7. Hi @Varial I thought id throw my 2 cents since you mentioned this occured while on roaccutane. I suffered something similar while on roaccutane however mine were small colourless hard bumps. they were hardly noticeable but i hated the way they feel on my skin when running my fingers on it..i was misdiagnosed by two dermatologists were said it was milia and sebaceous hyperplasia. I tried to have them extracted and burnt off by electocautery. nothing worked. I found another derm that successf
  8. HI @qmanchoo2 what is the probiotic that you are taking called? congrats on overcoming your acne!!!
  9. Hi @Aussie Scientist how would you get rid of the fungus? Do u think one could develop this while on accutane? I am getting 2 bumps cut out and tested with what is suspected to be osteoma cutis..
  10. and you found using urea cream has helped flatten them out? I think I've decided to get mine cut out out :(
  11. HI @Salinas thank you for your reply and read your post! glad to hear you have found a solution for your condition! With osteoma cutis these cannot be extracted (my old dermatologist thought mine were milia too and tried to extract them with no success) nor will any laser or electrocautery work as it is bone formation of the skin so almost impossible to treat :-\ i would try anything at this point though
  12. Thank you so much for the encouragement I wish you well in your journey and I will be sure to report back when I see Dr Seaton.
  13. wow thanks so much! i honestly cant see anything on your face you look great! but i understand its more how they feel than anything.. it doesnt look like you have any scars at all i am of mediterranean descent so olive skinned also, little lighter than you,i do find a scar easily.. And have you found that they don't come back in the same areas that they were surgically removed?
  14. Thanks so much ejny I wish you all the best too!!! its nice to know i am not the only one going through this although i wish this upon noone! thats the worst thing is that other people cant see but they dont know what its like to feel hard bumps on your face! Can I ask you when you got them removed did it leave any scarring? i am terrified of replacing a bump with a scar Dr Seaton said there would be minimal scarring that will heal well over the time but I guess everyones expectatio