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  1. Thought I'd Check in Been a while since i made this log of how everything was going, now its over 12 months since i finished, for anyone thats interested in what happens long term i thought i' make a short post Chest/Back acne is non existent, no reccurance, not a single spot to speak of since finishing, and no red marks, plenty of small scars which don't bother me in the least. Occasional spot around the mouth, but at the frequency of the "normal" peoples skin out there, and usually a tiny t
  2. Post Accutane Day .... Well Lots - Long time no post, after re reading a couple of my later posts today things are much the same in skin clarity, however i get greasy hair in the morning again since i stopped accutane...oh well not a big thing the time i take getting ready in the morning i can say has reduced MASSIVELY, and i generally happier i'm sure i had some sort of social phobia before. I slid off taking the flax seed oil after about 3 weeks, felt it just wasnt needed any more, my skin
  3. Post Accutane Day 2 - I suppose I will log from time to time so people can gauge how things return to normal (normal not being acne i hope) but here it is a quick post day 2 post..its good not having to pop those blister packs anymore, WOOOO!!
  4. Day 172 - 5 Days left of Accutane, clear skin all over my body baring the red marks of course.. i will be glad when this is over i almost forget to take the pills now. i welcome anyone to read over my log, hopefully i've done enough updates to show people it isnt so bad as the horror stories you hear. uncomfortable is the best way to describe it, and even that you get used to. you can either 1 - worry about your acne look in the mirror 40 times a day to 'check the state' i know it sure as h
  5. Day 159 - T-Minus 18 days still my last set of pills..been an enjoyable ride, not in the first 2 weeks but wow has this stuff taken hold. I wake up and no spots..its a stage i dreamt of and thought i would never see in my life. i gained weight in the process, 5-6 lbs oh well
  6. Day 149 - I think I have a little under a month left of pills, still the same all the way through 60mg a day. Since the last update i've not had much on the spot front, i burnt myself and its taking an age to heal over, accutane based or not thats just owww Still battle the dry eyes, eye drops not doing enough but since i dont have that long left i'll try to cope and hope things improve when i'm done taking them. I think i will blame accutane for one thing in my life right now, the amount o
  7. Day 130 - Things fine and dandy on the skin front, side effects are appearing a little, dry lips when i wake up, which as the day goes on go back to normal. Flax seed oil is by far and away the best thing i added to this accutane ride. hair is non greasy unlike before when i woke up it was a slick mess, not so anymore. things just seem 'calm' and if i see a spot i am not too fussed as i know a breakout ISNT coming. BYEE
  8. Day 124 - Apart from a bloody nose or 2, nothing much happening on the skin front which is what i dreamed of when i started this 4 months ago. Sensitive teeth under control with a new toothpaste, havent really been ontop of drinking enough water a day so i suppose my skin could look a little better/vibrant oh well.
  9. Day 118 - Nearing the end of month 4, skin the best its been in many many years, shaving is no longer a chore, and i dont have to worry about staying over someones house and taking BP, bleaching things blah blah i need to buy some shares in roche...all in all, a few small pills a day and its changed more than my skin
  10. Day 106 - Some time has passed since my last post, guess i'll tell you all how its been.....FANTASTIC!! i've had the grand total of 1 clogged pore which i made a mess of, self inflicted spots are the best.. my teeth seem to have gotten slightly sensitive recently, accutane caused or not i'm switching toothpaste to combat it. what i have noticed is how i feel 'clean' at night now, i used to go the whole day before and by the night i had a dirty feeling about me. dont know how to explain it a
  11. Day 97 - Dentist tomorrow, long time since i went and wasnt scared of bleeding from my chin or something stupid from 'opening wide' Anyway onto the skin, shoulders are smooth just red marks which are quite visible since i'm so pale having not been in the sun in a very very long time. i seem to have gotten 1 or 2 spots in the middle of my back guess i'm not free of the curse yet. Face is pretty good. nothing to write home about, nose is bleeding a bit maybe i should keep my finger out of the
  12. whats with the flipfloping thing, cant you just get 20mg pills and take 60mg a day? its what i have
  13. Day 92 - Only thing thats happened in all these days is a mouth ulcer, which i'm prone to anyway..2008 is fun, this time last year i wouldnt leave the house for anything having been in the middle of one of the worst breakouts of my life. Only thing i'm worried about now is getting chubby from all the food i'm eating over the holidays. maybe i'll trade bad skin for love handles this year to give me a project..i really dont know what to do with my time now i dont have to look in the mirror e
  14. Day 86 - I'm not even paying attention to my skin anymore, how bad/good is that..to the point where i'm nearly forgetting to take the pills at meal times Anyway day 86, good, eyes a little dry but i think thats from my terrible sleep pattern. Happy New Year if i don't check in before then.
  15. Day 84 - 85 - A small spot appeared the morning after shaving on day 84, gone in the morning of day 85. thats about as much as it happening with my skin atm. quite enjoyable