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  1. Been using for a little while now -- it certainly works for me. I am quite bad at keep up with using it regularly... I bought a load of Sanex shower gels (also good and have zinc in!) before I got the H&S, so feel sort of obligated to use them up! I found that using it twice a day or even once a day was too much. I had painfully sore skin and was really uncomfortable. I would do the following: wash with and wash off 3/4 times a week wash with and leave on 1/2 times a week max. I found t
  2. Can't believe this -- have suffered with bacne for... hmm... 6 years now, I think. Tried so many things to clear it up, and when I read about this I was a little iffy on it, but i've been trying it for a week now and it actually seems to be working! I have gone from moderate bacne on shoulder blades to just red marks and no active spots. It did give me a little rash after about 3 days but seems to be ok now and hasn't felt uncomfortable, just looked a bit red. Best thing about it is that it is
  3. I've not tried the moisturisers from the range - they are very expensive, in my opinion. I have used the Extremely Gentle Cleanser for about 6 months now and it doesn't irritate at all. The Soapless Gel Cleanser lathers quite well and is just as good. There's a cream cleanser that i've not tried, but it's huge and about 8 quid so good value. I use the Thermal Water after cleanser every day. Have just changed to Eucerin face wash and 5% face cream, so will see how that goes. Otherwise, i'll g
  4. Hi all Just popped into my local Boots and noticed the Boots Lutsine product range. Bit of an odd name, I thought, but seems as though it is franchised by Boots from a French company called Lustine. The products look reasonably similar to the (also French) Avene range, although the formulations are quite different. They are all non-pore blocking. Not tried the Lustine range, though may do next time. But the Avene range is interesting - i've used a variety of products from it, and found it to
  5. Pears can be quite drying. As I've said before, if you're going to use it, use it sparingly. A very quick (5 seconds) rub over and thin lather will do the job just fine. You don't need to be rubbing it in for 5 minutes with a really thick lather. If you find it too drying, the best alternative is the Neutrogena Bar for Dry Skin. It is next to the Pears bar in Boots and about 2 quid. It is totally non-drying and will last for ages. It doesn't have any hardening agents, perfume, etc etc. and is
  6. I think they must be off loading it all because Neutrogena are doing away with it. Had better buy about four boxes of it while I can! It's only a tiny tube, but it does actually last a reasonable amount of time. Personally, I don't use as much moisturiser as I do BP. I've not used Nivea Oil Free myself, but I've heard rave reviews of the stuff around here; same for Boots Botanics stuff. Eucerin I find far too greasy. It seems to stay around on your skin in a similar way to vaseline. It'
  7. Nivea Visage Oil Free - about 3 quid from anywhere Eucerin 5% Urea Face - doesn't say it's non-comedogenic on the packet, but it does on the website. 10 quid from Boots. You can order a free sample of this from Eucerin.co.uk, just to try it out. It arrives within about 3 days. Neutrogena Visibly Refined - only use this when you've been on the regimen for about eight weeks or so. Has AHA in it. About 10 quid from Boots, 5 from Savers. Olay do one too, but I can't remember what it's calle
  8. Pears is 83 at Tesco, 86 at ASDA, 89 at Sainsbury's, and about 1.10 in Boots! Good to see Boots keeping to their usual rip off levels. If you have a Savers near you, it's 49p there! I prefer the Neutrogena Bar (about 2 quid in Boots), but Pears is good value. I think it's important to stress that you don't need to use much of it - don't work it into a massive lather and rub it on for about 30 seconds or it will dry your skin. A light later and no more than ten seconds should be plenty.
  9. It won't unless you have skin stronger than leather. It's has SA in it, which isn't good when you're just starting out, or even well into the regimen. You can get Cetaphil if you want (which is recommended on the product list) from Pharmacy2u.co.uk, but it's a rip off (£6) and there are equally good things around. Try Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin (Fragrance Free). It's non-comedogenic, non-drying, oil-free, etc etc. You'll find it in a white/black box next to the normal so
  10. i completely agree i wish i hadn't found this regimen and gone on antibiotics like everyone else that i know (they're all clear now). it seems weird to just say "oh just rub a little softer" or "maybe try this other moisturizer" and maybe you'll get clear.... if the regimen really worked and had a solid basis, a simple thing as rubbing a little softer shouldnt make you go from lots of acne to "clear". the main basis of the regimen is just be very gentle and using lots of bp.....its such
  11. After starting the regimen recently - and getting great results so far! - it struck me how difficult it is to find oil free products in the UK that aren't packed with SA or some other harsh products that'll dry the skin even more. At the moment, I'm using L'Oreal Men Expert anti-tightness face wash, which has been good so far; and L'Oreal Men Expert anti-regreasing moisturiser, which has been fantastic. The moisturiser is a gel consistency, so it absorbs in really easily and the silica in it m
  12. I have been on Differin Gel since late July. While I've definately noticed some improvement - quicker healing, less major problems - the problem hasn't gone away. In fact, I am starting to think that perhaps Differin has been causing a lot of the spots in the first place. As a general rule, when I left my skin alone and just used a simple shop-bought SA wash, my skin was OK. It wasn't by any means great, but it wasn't a total disaster area either... now it is. Given that I've been on Differin
  13. Fake tanning obviously does wonders for hiding red marks... but does anyone know of a good face tan spray/cream to use that won't clog pores? The Body Shop is one to avoid apparently.
  14. I bought some Zirh Clean recently, having read a lot of good reviews about it. Not actually used it yet, but have been using Simple cleansing foam... just a light, non-com, oil free wash. I am on differin so I am trying to avoid really harsh products. Anyone with any experience of Zirh? Is it going to be OK to use whilst I am on differin?