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  1. Ok here's an update for everyone - I'm sad to say it, but I've quit using the crystal deodorant stick now. Over the past week I developed an area of irritation on my forehead - dry flaky skin, which despite the fact I was only using the crystal once a day and using a good moisturiser in the morning, wouldn't go away I'm prone to eczema so this kind of irritation just doesn't bode well. I stuck it out for a few days, but have decided that while the crystal DOES keep the spots away, if it irri
  2. Hey BrenOne - nooooooo! Don't be jumping to that conclusion! My skin is still doing great using the Crystal Deodorant Stick. But you know, life gets in the way and I can't post on here all the time. Also, I've kind of posted all I can in terms of information, and have said that I've had consistently great results, so I suppose I'm not motivated really to come back on here all the time as I'd just be saying the same thing. This isn't just my thread anyway, it exists for all of us - so I hope
  3. No you're not the last one using this - I still use it daily with great results! I found it too drying using it twice a day, so I only use it at night now, and use moisturiser in the morning, but I'm more than happy with the way it controls my spots. I am into all things natural, don't use chemical soaps / moisturisers / toothpaste etc. And this is FAR healthier for your skin than using BP! If you read up on it you'll see that the Alum is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the skin
  4. Hi all - sorry I've been absent for a while. Been super busy with college stuff and a bit of personal stress to boot, so haven't been able to check this thread very often. I was hoping however that people would keep posting and talking about their progress, which seems to have been happening, so that's good. I'm still clear so long as I keep using my salt crystal religiously - I slipped a couple of days when I went to sleep without washing my face and applying the crystal, and a couple of spots
  5. I find it easier to apply the crystal to a wet face (i.e. after washing), rather than just wetting the crystal. Rub it all over your face (or wherever needed) for between 30 - 50 seconds approximately. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on :angel:
  6. I still use a cleanser before using the crystal deodorant - I wear makeup and need to remove it first. Also in the morning I like to feel clean so have a quick wash. I use an oil blend from Neal's Yard in the evening (it contains things like almond oil and grapeseed oil) which is really gentle and moisturising on my skin - I just rub it into my skin and then wipe off with wet cotton wool to remove any makeup and dirt. Helps with any dryness. I follow this up with the crystal (after thoroughl
  7. Thanks! Well, it's been two days and about four applications so far so here's my first testimonial. This rocks! :dance: I have generally very stubborn mild to moderate acne. Recently I'd been getting some really nasty redness flare up and nothing, no moisturisers etc. would calm it down. I can safely say to those of you who are unsure (or waiting on the post) that this is great. It's already reduced almost all the bumps in my skin to completely flat and has eliminated the redness (apart fr
  8. Glad it's arrived 5-7 - will look forward to hearing how you get on with it :angel:
  9. Hey onlyme Glad to hear you're having success with your new regimen. But yeh, I reckon this would be good to have on hand if you do get any breakouts, as it would clear them up quickly.
  10. Nah I definitely don't think salt would clog the pores - after all it's a natural exfoliant and has antibacterial properties. And it sounds like it's working well for you too - it helped to completely clear me of cysts and I no longer get them. I doubt it would make your skin worse in the long run - using something which is exfoliating and antibacterial shouldn't make acne worse. But of course you'll only be able to tell if it works for you in the long run by trying it out. I can say my sk
  11. Check out the study - the people who had success with it saw results generally after 2 weeks. After 2 weeks people with severe acne either saw results and then when on to clear their acne totally in 5 weeks, or in 2 weeks their acne was completely clear. Read up on it yourself - this will give you some reassurance and the information about how long you will need to wait to see results. My acne wasn't severe and I noticed results within a couple of days - if people have severe acne / other ty
  12. The following UK websites sell the Crystal Deodorant Body Stick which I am using, and which was used successfully in the study (I already posted about the first one of these on page 2 of this thread). Lemonburst Meadowgiftsandtoys Sounds like Bert & Daisy are out of stock of this deodorant. Just try googling it and I'm sure you'll find other places that sell it too. Don't be confused if some of these websites talk about the ingredients being 'mineral salts' or 'alum'. The people wh
  13. I'm from the UK so I don't know about other countries. But here, many health food stores also sell natural body care products such as deodorant. Just go in and ask if they have a body care section, or have a look yourself. Or look online.
  14. Yeh when i've completely cleared my skin with this I'm going to start focusing how to keep the acne away internally as well as externally - that's my ultimate aim. I've just been getting so fed up having tried so many dietary programmes and getting a bit of progress, but then slipping up because it's so hard to stick to. This just feels right for me at the moment, and it's working so mentally I'm feeling alot happier and more positive.
  15. Awesome! yea I'd say my skin is looking the best it has in a long time. Great news :dance: Hey Jd - fab research, thanks for sharing :clap: I didn't know the actual action of the salt on the skin cells (just that it killed bacteria), so that's really interesting to know. I have read that salt does have a drawing effect and helps to detoxify the skin by drawing out the crap from the pores - my results so far have included the almost total elimination of blackheads on my nose, w