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    yo momma ... aww no but really I like music and messing around with friends : )

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  1. Isabel M.

    5 months

    5 months on accutane treatment
  2. Can anyone suggest a mosturizer that's good to wear under makeup for people with dry skin? Right now I'm using Nivea & it's not going too good :/
  3. Are you moisturizing prior to applying the foundation, and then buffing the foundation in nicely? That can make a large difference. If you want a heavier coverage it's better to apply layers rather than one large amount at once; that will inevitably look cakey and dry. Okies, thanks for the tip. Yeaah, I've been buffing in loads of foundation at once, so I'll try your tip out tomorrow morning :)
  4. Ughh, I've been using EM for a month now (exactly today ) & everytime I apply my foundation, it looks chalky and applyfies my pores near my nose and on my cheeks. It also doesnt cover my scars very well, and goes dry around the edges of them. : ( Anyone have any tips or suggestions to why this is? I'd really appreciate any help : ) BTW, I heard that blowdrying your brushes can harm the bristles so I wouldn't do that ..After I wash them, I dry them a bit with a towel and them place them on
  5. Heyya I need some advice. Anyone here ever tried the B&B blush? I'm light olive & I'm not sure if it's too pigmented for my skin ..It's in my next order. BTW new special : Enter discount code SfYekQ in your cart to get 5% off your order before Feb 15th! And all orders over $35 (after discount and minus shipping) receive a free foundation/eye color sample of Ivory as well as your new Sunlight Finishing Dust and Bisque Color Corrector !
  6. If you're going to order golden medium & light olive, I wouldn't get winged butter aswell. I did this, and both Olive shades work perfectly for me but winged butter is extremely yellow :/ I was lucky, cos just like you I ordered a full size kit before knowing my colour match but the foundation I ordered in full size was perfect x D
  7. I just got my order a couple days ago & I found my colour match: light olive : ) That's great cos it was the colour I'd ordered in a big jar ..but the formula doesn't work very well for me . :/ so I'm gonna order another in intensive & original glo. Anyone else have problems with the matte formula looking chalky?
  8. Yeah it must be the holidays, cos mine shipped on the 14th and still isn't here. But I live in Belgium, so it's bound to take longer. BTW, does anyone here have Everyday Bronzer? I ordered it without being too sure, so if anyone has it can they take a picture and show me what it looks like ...I'd really appreciate it : )
  9. Give it a little time. I ordered on Nov 16 and i just got that order yesterday! :shock: I think it was because the mail system was delayed and busy due to Christmas and New Years and other recent Public holidays. If you dont receive it in about a week or two, email them and they will send you that order again. That's ages! Where do you live?
  10. It's working okay for me, maybe it's your internet connection?
  11. oops, can a mail order be cancelled? I was just curious to see what "mail order" was but I went through the whole thing & now it's under track orders D: EDIT: Nvm, I sent an email & within 5 minutes I got a reponse saying not to worry, the order will be cancelled with no charge ...ahh I love EM
  12. You get a free blush if you write a testimonial? Haha, I'm so writing one when I get my kit then : p
  13. I never understood why people get socks for christmas xD I got perfume, a pashmina scarf, sony ercisson phone, dress from MNG and a pair of cowboy boots. I'm waiting for an order from EDM, it was supposed to be another present but it's taking ageees to arrive ..
  14. Coolio, tell us what you think of Tinsel Time will ya? : ) Looks like I won't get my kit from christmas, since I'll be opening my presents tomorrow. It's been 2 weeks since I ordered, but I live in Europe, so I have to be patient .. anyways, Merry Christmas for all those that celebrate it ...it's a bit late for Happy Hanukkah now xD
  15. I have quite a few ... I guess my Top 5 (in order) are: Arctic Monkeys The Wombats Kings of Leon Joy Division Cold War Kids but I have soo many xD