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    my regime: As of today<br /><br />Morning:<br />1. Nuetragena clear face bar<br />2. 3.7% BP cream<br />3. Prevage - bought the crap, got to use it up<br />4. Eyes - Eliabeth Arden Intervene Eyeream....this stuff is uber yummy!<br />5. Lancome Soliel SPF 50 sunblock<br /><br />Night:<br />1. Nuetragena clear face bar<br />2. 3.7% BP cream<br />3. Prevage - bought the crap, got to use it up<br />4. Eyes - Eliabeth Arden Intervene Eyeream....this stuff is uber yummy!<br />6. Oil of Olay - total effects vitamin complex <br /><br />Sooo, I need advice on a new brightening cream.... I liked the Rhonda Allison with L-Arbutin. And I need a good hydrating night time lotion, hopefully that also brightens...<br />

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  1. no, that is just a club stamp... If you want to see my tattoo's check out my myspace - user name JoNichelle

    1. is that a permanent tattoo on ur hand?? it says truth rite??

      1. r0ck_staar, I wouldn't suggest tanning to try to fade spots - it will only make them darker. Clinique has a new line, it's called Workout Makeup, that I wear to the gym and sweat balls in, it's great and not to pricey... Seems like Clinique has gotten cheaper over the years..
      2. Ambrosius, how can I argue with the Gladiator.... Thanks I hope the diet works...
      3. how do i erase this post, since no one finds it worthy?
      4. Wow, must say your skin looks amazing in those pics...and you say it's even clearer now. Oh, how I wish!!
      5. The Aveeno I've tried and it feels good, nice and light, but I still felt like it left a little residue. I really like clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel - I always seem to go back to it. Its Allergy tested, 100% fragrance and oil free, and my skin sucks it right up and it leaves no residue behind. Which is perfect for me since I am an oily greaseball!
      6. Well when I said I spend alot of time outdoors I mean like 5 to 7 hours a day in the sun.. Sometimes more. I am in the Army. So, yeah I need some kind of sun protection. Not only does the sun make my spots darker, I also get darkening of the upper lip - since that is where sweat is bad. It's not pretty.
      7. preyst - I don't know if I would fully agree with DJ's comment. If you have totally horrible acne before and are now 90%clear then yes, I think it would be worth the side effects. Either way (cysts or bumpy) your skin texture is still gonna be sucky. But if you had mild acne, well I for one would rather have soft healthy skin with a few bumps, then dried up snake skin. I know alot of us on this site would pretty much sell our soul for perfect Claire Dane clear skin, but if the treatment is
      8. I keep them quite short for a girl, mainly because I play guitar.
      9. Ok, thats it.... Healthoid your thread is amazing and just what I was looking for when I posted this question.. I really needed to see before and after pics. Not that I would accuse anyone of lying, I see no reason (especially on this sight, and if they are as clear as they say they are) not to post pictures.. It's the first thing I did, I am here to get help, who cares how bad I look now without makeup, I am here to look better! Plus I found if you post a decent looking pic with makeup to, it m
      10. DejaClaireVoyant, What kind of ginger are you talking about for the EPSOM SALTS AND GINGER bath.. Is there some kind of ginger extract... or do you use powder or fresh sliced?
      11. But it's more sporadic, at least every woman I've ever known. clear. breakout. clear. breakout. It's not constant, it kind of ebbs and flows. which makes it more frustrating, when you've had clear skin one month and massive pimples the next... I think alot of women just don't let their picture be taken if they feel they look bad, plain and simple. I know I avoid cameras and even going to the store without makeup on... I did take some before pics specifically for this site, they look horribl
      12. Takes alot to make me sweat, think it is because I am so active... But when I do I am definatly above normal... Especially when running (though I have to go over 2 miles) and ummm...adult activities..
      13. Ok, so no one knows what I am talking about....or I smell..