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  1. Aw well I have good days and bad days. It's a lot better now that I've stopped getting inflammed acne. I used to just be anxious all the time. Now I feel sad about my scars sometimes and other times I just don't care.

  2. Hi. Ive read some of your posts.. seems like you have same problem as I do but you are coping up pretty well! I should learn from that..

  3. Sorry but I will do it as soon as I get over with my vanity issue (maybe..)! :)

  4. I will do once I get over my vanity issue! lol! :)

  5. Hi there :). Right now Im taking Roaccutane to handle my still growing acne. A dermatologist I consulted suggested that I should do Fraxel Laser Resurfacing - only after Im done with my medication. Using Vitamin E and Roaccutane also helps with the scarring, though not as much. All I can do for now is wait for a few years until my acne subsides.

  6. Hey your story really resonates with me. I too, am like you in school now and am battling scars. Are you clear now to pursue scar revision?

  7. reficul


    Scars from distant past
  8. Yes, i have severe acne and then they become terribly reddish. But it took years now that the reds are fading. But the scars persists yet and new ones keep growing. But im sure that the old ones' redness are fading.
  9. Alright. Seems like this topic is interesting nonetheless. Either i pick or not it has always been bad as far as i remember, and now i have scars all over my cheeks and these new ones still keep coming. I ll stop picking and this board will be the witness for this. I have nothing to lose anyway.
  10. Goodness, im not surprised but still all the others posts ive read from here are terrible.. Been through some of that too.... i was called a "Monster" back then when ive terrible acnes Recently, That day, in the hall, the lighting was bad.. The white light was bright and i approached a friend of mine... ".... You look tired," Felt terrible. These scars/ spots now instead make me look like an undead or something..
  11. How about drinking water? Heard its best 8 glass per day.
  12. I really can feel that.. so painful. Dont people know that the major factor of acne is genital/ genetic? And some are just unfortunate to get sensitive skin.
  13. This is really helpful. Are there like recommended values per day for each? And perhaps some good over-the-counter pills for these vitamins?