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  1. About number 1: I'd never say that haha, i actually hate those cocky kinda guys, but they always get the chiks lol Number 2.. thats exaclty what i thought, make her laugh and then compliment about her smile, but i was just too fucking pussy to mention it lol, but fuck this "shy" me, i shall change to a brave man! Maybe i will go to see Mr hitchs for the 12 time or something haha Number 3... its a great advice with girls i dont know a thing about... maybe ill use that with the girl at the
  2. Again... i dont think i am everything and anything. Its not like im walking on the hallway screaming "hey girls take a look at me" or screaming for attention or anything. Actually, you know what? i just learned to drive, very late right? I didnt wanted to drive before because i couldnt look at the mirror in the car, i was afraid of that. Pathetic, dont you think? Now thats in the past, im a very different person physically, but thats the only thing that has changed, im the same guy who cannot
  3. Firstable, im sorry if i sounded like a jerk or like an asshole in the "im hot part", im not like that, what should i brag about if i havent kissed a girl in almost half a year anyway? i just wanted to make clear that i have no worries with my looks, thats not my problem. I think i have a worst problem than that, more deep. Maybe, girls just wait for me to take the next step, and when i dont (cause afraid of rejection or something) they just continue with their lives, thinking "he loves himself
  4. I just got no game with girls, i have a lot of friends, im well known in my school, i have great body from going to gym and running everyday of the last 2 years, im good loking guy, or at least i think i am. But i dont have any experience with girls, because until 6 months ago, my face was covered with acne, the severe one. So i basically spended all my puberty and teenage years going to gym, not going out in nights, barely talking to girls. But now that im completely acne-free, im a very hot
  5. Every month is the same, my grades report comes to the house and it starts the fire Father: Im really dissapointed with you, if you dont get A LOT better by the next month, im going to take you off the school and you are going to start working Me: WTF, you cant do that Father: Yes i can Mother: Also, i dont understand how are you failing at school, you dont practice any sport, you are not a member of a club, you dont work, your only responsability is the school! How can you fail it? Me: I k
  6. Girls, dont read... this is a thing of dudes: Go at 3am and take a crap in their fuckin front door, piss all over the place, buy a lot of cottage chesse and throw it in their cars. Egg their house. The fish idea is great. Mess with their car's tires.
  7. There is this guy who used to ask me questions about my face, how did it went so bad in a few months, told me to wash my face, asking questions to other people about how my face was last year (i meet him this year), i would just answer his questions... But he would never stop staring at my face, he would sat next to me and watch my face, so i just stare back and he would look away inmediately. One day he stared at me and i just told him "What the fuck you want". That was the last time he star
  8. Its likely that you would have an initial breakout. My first 2 weeks my skin did great, it started to clear very fast, then acne striked back, but not as bad as i thought.
  9. I had my first nosebleed during my second week, like at 4 morning or something, my bed was a mess xD. My derm told me to put vaseline on my finger, and put it inside my nose, smells funny.
  10. Is normal to experience breakouts in months 1, 2 and 3. Im in month 1 and have a pimple here and there, but a lot of red marks. And yeah, Boston all the way
  11. Bad karma if you got cancer, or if your parents both died on a car accident, if you see your girlfriend kissing and/or having sex with your best friend, but acne? it just means that you r a teenager or an adult with bad luck. If you let acne take away your life, its just a weakness. But bad karma? i dont think so.
  12. Im not angry, actually when i felt i did a cry baby face so people just laugh with me instead of me, just to make a little less obvious my embarrasement(lol, i dont have a clue how to say it) Like 3 hours later there were guys who askd me to go with them to a party or things like that, and i was like no way man im not going out in 2 years and a half, they would say lol get over it man. Stupid highschool, even my grades are bad
  13. Every day is usually a bad day for me, because the acne stuff and all, sometimes i have normal days, or pretty bad days, but today was different. We were at school today, but there were no classes today because of some stupid plays, students singing and things like that. So i was sitting in front of the scenario, chilling out with my friends, having fun, actually. Then i heard "DUDE CAREFUL!" and BANG, a foot ball hit me in the head, i counted to 3, look back and and notice that everybody is l
  14. Yeah, sure i will now on, but should i keep using topicals? And i guess washing with only water is the best option. So its okay if my face is not all peeled out and flaky, i can mostourize everyday and accutane will work as well?
  15. Jeez.. so many depressive posts That is really a stupid question. I'd choose the money, Hell.. if i was about to die, with cancer, several pain, and someone offered me 100 million dolars, or being super healthy forever, i'd still choose the money. You know that you can help a entire country of Africa with that money, right? I think is sellfish to choose the skin. I would drop school, not seeing anyone in months, years if needed, and when i had finally get rid of acne, starting college.
  16. Is it normal to wake up in the morning with your skin peeling out like crazy? Im on day 13 and i just told my parents i was sick so i could skip school. But i cand skip a semeste... you know, so i want to know if there is a way to stop the peeling and flakynees. I have been using Eryacnen in the morning and after lunch... and using oil free acne wash as a cleanser, maybe thats the cause? I thougt that while accutane, you couldnt use any topical.. but my derm told me to use them, and damn my fac