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  1. Hey just wondering how spiro is working out for you? How do you like it so far. I just got put on bactrim 12 days ago... i think it is helping me.... but its really too soon to tell right now. Well i hope everything is going good for ya. ttyl

  2. Hi, I just wanted to share with you my experience with spiro. I started taking 50mg a day on June 30, 07. My doctor told me to stop taking the antibiotics I had been on prior to beginning the spiro. So I did. Well, the first week and a half or so on spiro, I was just like you. I thought -- hey! This is great! My skin felt really smooth and I didn't have any new acne forming. And then all of a sudden all hell broke loose and I started breaking out like crazy. I begged my doctor to let me
  3. I haven't had my periods disrupted YET but I have had mild cramps and bloating on and off mid pill packet it is as though my body is trying to have a period and it is only because I am on the pill that it is stopping it!
  4. [quote name='SamsMom' date='Dec 12 2007, 12:11 AM My daughter is at her 13th week mark with Sprio at 100 mg a day. It's just in the last few weeks that she has cleared about 95%. Intially she had VERY bad breakouts, so bad I almost pulled her off of Sprio (not cysts but lots of whiteheads and inflamed acne). But like you, I was encouraged by the posts to stick with it. The derm did end up putting her on Bactrim about 6 weeks into it because it was so bad, and that did help, but nothing like
  5. Thanks Samsmom I have a feeling my doctor will never allow me to increase from the 50mg a day I'm on now (She doesn't really even agree with that!) so I may have to go down the self medicating route myself in order to increase my dose. I have regular blood pressure and potassium checks already.
  6. Ok. I have been on Spiro for nearly 4 weeks. At first after about a week and a half I thought YIPEEEEEEEE it's doing it's little thing. Not anymore...cyst's my friends 4 or 5 of the beauties!!What to do?!! Will they go? Why are they so deep and non surfacing and evil!!! Its Xmas (party season) I tend to go all reclusive when I have breakouts like this...Advice me....please? Oh and just as I don't have a sig here is my routine: (Should I adjust anything? I feel like I'm going around in circles
  7. Hot compress? Does that not bring it up to the surface? With cyst's I am always torn...Cold press...shrink temporarily or hot...bring to surface. How effective is you tea bag compress? Green tea is after all full of antioxidants!!
  8. no, probably our way of saying yes we're british too and therefore too shy and retiring to speak up! so ok - i'm uk based too, trying out spiro but not sure if it works yet, or what a good dose is for long term use as all the info on it is for other uses. no one on these forums who talks about buying it cheap online says where from, so i'd be interested to know of any cheap sources. 25mgx2 aswell at the moment, and would be on yasmin still but it caused other problems so i stopped that. apart fr
  9. Ok..........37 people have read my post and not one reply? Shall I assume then that this is everyones way of saying No I'm not in the UK?
  10. I have mentioned this in a post before but after seeing the Doctor this morning I am compelled to ask again... Is anyone taking Spiro based in the UK?? My Derm, my Doctor and the hospital pharmacist are all a little baffled as to why I have requested Spiro. It would seem it is not unheard of but incredibly rare for use as acne treatment and had my derm not been flexible (even letting me decide my own dosage!! albeit reluctantly) my doctor says she would never have perscribed it! Anyway I am on
  11. Because its a nasty nasty a£$**hole!!! Stick with it, give it 2/3 months and if there is no improvement get back to your doc and INSIST they step up the gameplan! Good luck.
  12. Hi everyone. I started Spiro a week ago and was only given a month supply of pills. I went home and started taking 25mg twice a day. Yesterday I realized I was low on pills and that I am not going to have enough to last the month??! It was only then that I realized my derm has put me on 25mg ONCE a day!!! First of all surely this is ridiculously low?? And secondly s*&t what will I do for the rest of the month? When I went to see her last week she was all for putting me on Tane, no quest