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  1. where do you get your serum/lotion from? Was it a case of trial and error that you found it to work or is there some sort of scientific backing to it? And is it the only thing you depend on to manage the condition? i’m really happy for you that you’ve managed to get to where you are now. I too would consider a small pustule every few days a big victory and would be more than happy to live with it for the rest of my life. Right now I still get 3-5 new pustules everyday. Hope I can be in the sam
  2. @gilang91 Yes, it does look extremely similar to the serum you are using... and the price is similar to what you paid for yours? given that clindamycin did nothing for your pustules previously, perhaps it could be one of the other ingredients that is making the difference. I doubt it’s Aloe Vera because I have been applying aloe vera gel to the area around my mouth without much success. It could be Allantoin or witch hazel that’s the magic ingredient. Not too sure what “resorting” is... not
  3. @silverlight22 I was actually thinking of getting @gilang91 to ship the serum to us as well! The cost of the serum itself is not expensive, and I’d be willing to pay for the international shipping. The another idea I thought of was whether it’s possible to send the serum to a laboratory for an analysis, such that the active ingredient(s) in the serum can be determined. Ideally, it would still be better if gilang91 could find out from the clinic he goes to / the pharmacy that produces the seru
  4. @gilang91 I’m from Singapore and I also have oily as well as acne-prone skin. Like you, I have tried many different oral medications and topical products but I just can’t seem to get rid of this problem - pustules around my mouth region. It has been more than a year that I have been dealing with this. I was wondering if your symptoms were similar to mine? i’m so happy for you that you have managed to find something that works for you. Honestly, I don’t think you should consider going on Accu
  5. Hi Jennifer, thanks for for your reply! So I got tested again and similar to you, what was found in the pus and my nose thrust time was staph aureus (gram-positive bacteria), no longer gram-negative bacteria. And like you said, the whiteheads/pustules have somewhat spread to my cheek region as well. I have started on Vitamin D although my dermatologist doesn’t think low Vitamin D levels are responsible for my folliculitis. So am I right to say that initially, you broke out primarily around
  6. Hi Jennifer, Any updates on whether you have continued to remain clear up until now? Also, I was wondering if you could explain in greater detail how Vitamin D tackles gram-negative folliculitis? I have recently just observed a recurrence of my gram-negative folliculitis after lowering my isotretinoin dosage from 40mg a day to 20mg a day. I was previously taking 40mg a day for the past 5 months and things were going well. Now I just feel so lost and helpless. I’m only 21 and I really don’t w