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  1. That is awesome improvement!!!!!! Happy for you
  2. Melasma came in to my life after my pregnancy 5 years ago. I got it to go away with HQ and it sated gone until last year. I get the lively mustache and under the eye little patches. Sucks! Anyway what I used, after fearing hq would give me rebound darkening after long term use, was/is a product called RT MAGIQUE. Search it online I believe Shirley beauty is the online carrier of this. I tried reordering and they're out of stock... Nice!!! Anyway. Good luck and keep us posted
  3. Glad I can help Hun! And since you already know about MUAC, you are set! Start there when u begin ordering. They have a section on peels which gives you info on each peel and what they do, even says age for pregnant women on the ones I mentioned. I'll inbox you my email address. I don't always log in here.. Just from time to time to see how te world is fighting acne. Take care... And you'll have your lil one in your arms in no time. Time flies
  4. Oh how I understand what you're going through... So 5 years ago during my pregnancy I broke out SEVERELY! Going from crystal clear to cystic pizza face and no one could help! So let me give you some advice. Since them, I've gained 100% more knowledge and am better prepared for my next pregnancy. Definitely never use Retin-a. Since there have been not too many studies on its effects on the fetus, I'd stay away, at least for the first trimester. You don't want to use benzoyl peroxide. I don't use
  5. Oh, please don't say that.... (KNOCK ON WOOD) I have had my acne under control since 07/2009, had a fucked up breakout in september of 09 after going back to shoving dairy (after being off it for 2 months...) then finally COMPLETELY cut it out 09/2009. I had severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression because of IT. I have been seeing the same esthi since may of 09, she is now a very close friend of mine. I actually just loggged on here after a year or 2....I remember you had said some really n
  6. Ya that's what I thought I had was that comedonal type acne. She said that the products she gave me made those little suckers surface. I didn't have any on my chin or my forehead before using her herbal products. After 10 days my skin developed all of these seed type bumps. So she said that was supposed to happen. I asked her yesterday when she called to check on me how long normal microderms were supposed to last and she said 10 to 15. she did mine so short bc I was scared to do it. She kind of
  7. Alright well my extractions went super smoothe. Better than I imagined. Actually she put a lancet to the cyst on my chhek, one under my nose and a few blackheads. Everything else was just lightly pressed on with a tissue. So after extractions she steamed my face, did a microdermabrasion( that took a total of like 3 minutes- is that how long it usually takes? Forgot to ask) a vienna peel and a healing maks. I got there at 430 and out at 7pm. She said my skin doesn't even have acne anymore. Just c
  8. Thank you soooo much! I sit here on my crackberry cel phone in her waiting area NERVOUS as hell reading your message. She just looked at me and asked if I poked the cyst I got last nite! I said no- she said 100 percent (as she was putting on her glasses to come look) because I can tell. I said nope! If I didn't see her today I would have picked it but I figured since I'm seeing her I might as well wait and let her do it. That was HARD! So I will post after surgery...hahahaha. Wish me luch cuz I
  9. Hi guys!! Well I called my esthetician today to see if she could extract the one I got last nite and she actually said she had a cancellation. That I might as well see her today if I could. So I'm off today and I said hmmmmm..do I want to go to work tomorrow all red and bumpy or look like I stung by bees all over my face on the 23rd for my nieces big birthday party.... Ya I think I will go to work instead. I'm so nervous and she told me I would heal in 3 days time. Which I know I will because th
  10. Hi! Thanks for responding so fast. Ok, I am glad you said they use lancets. When she started extractin I was like "needle??" I got all freaked! No no, the cyst had been sitting there for 1 month to the point where it got so deflated no one could see a bump anymore! Just a huge red mark. I could still feel a bump but it didn't hurt anymore. She poked, pushed and removed 4 cores and even showed them to me. TMI maybe but I think it got so big bcuz it was a cluster that got inflammed. Gross! So now
  11. Hi there! I messaged you a while back when things were beginning again for me. I had made an appointment a few months back with FR, but cancelled and never got to rescheduling. I have been dealing with closed comedones/small and medium sized cysts on my cheeks since october. I tried the regimen but it never stopped the cysts from forming. I was always getting 3 or 4 a week. Finally, I was about to reschedule at FR 2 weeks ago and stumbled upon a womans site (I also stumbled upon in march and sai
  12. Thankss for your comment on my photo... :) I use ProActiv religously atkeast twice a day, and I've had a bunch of chemical peels.

  13. Ok guys, I have been battling cystic acne on and off (off because of birth control) since I was 17. Birth control is the only thing that has ever kept me crystal clear. So I have been breaking out in clusters of small sometimes big cystic pimples. So on april 1st I get this nasty itchy tingly feeling which I know was a zit forming. Anyway my derm put this thing on it that felt like a little tingle. It was supposed to kill the bacteria and shrink it. However, it NEVER shrank unless I poked it. IT
  14. PrEgO~PoX


    Last night I got 2 new zits and woke up this morning to a new one making a total of 3. The only visible one was the one I poked. However, 2 were very small but slightly inflammed and they are now no longer inflammed. The one I poked was angry at me this morning but it is all flattened out with a smaaaaall scab. Again, this is something that was not "normal" prior to using the acnomel. My zits would throb, were very red and inflammed and if I poked em they would be VERY red for a few days then sc
  15. PrEgO~PoX


    Acnomel IS worth trying in my opinion. It can be very drying though (I don't care about that). Seems to be helping a lot. You can get it at walgreens, rite-aid, cvs, and longs drugstore.